Busch Gardens Tampa announces Tigris, a 150-foot tall launched roller coaster

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Busch Gardens will open Florida’s tallest launch coaster in spring 2019, company officials announced Wednesday. The triple-launch, tiger-themed roller coaster called Tigris will hurl riders 150 feet into the sky, turn them upside down and swirl through curves at 60 miles per hour.

Read more from The Tampa Bay Times.

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Little fanfare, no little hints about this leading up to the announcement. It's not a big ride, obviously, but it's still a new coaster. BGW treated their version the same way, just a new coaster out of the blue. Makes me half think they're only adding it to reduce crowds on their other rides.

The real announcement here is Gwazi. That looks like something to look forward to.

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I think they should build another one right next to it for added capacity. Call the second one “Euphrates”.

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Then maybe put a sandwich shop in between called The Fertile Croissant?

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Definitely named by someone who needs to repeat geography. Then again, this is the chain that put Vikings in Canada at the same time as the French.

I love Busch Gardens but some of their names... ugh. I still loathe Cheetah Hunt because I don't read it as " a cheetah hunting", but instead "hunting a cheetah".

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I know someone who's particularly excited...

Promoter of fog.

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You're saying he wants a Thundercat ho?

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Waiting for them to install Elk Hunt in the Spain section of the park.

(That's paraphrasing a very old Bob and Tom skit. From back when I used to think Bob and Tom were funny.)

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