Busch Gardens Tampa announces Cheetah Hunt, Discovery Cove announces Grand Reef

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SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment unveiled new additions for two of its Florida theme parks on Wednesday: a saltwater environment dubbed "Grand Reef" for Discovery Cove in Orlando, and a launch-style roller coaster called "Cheetah Hunt" for Busch Gardens Tampa Bay.

Read more from The Orlando Sentinel and The St. Petersburg Times.

They should've kept "Cheetaka". Cheetah Chase is so generic, bland & unispired.

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Except that it is Cheetah Hunt, not Cheetah Chase. They already have a Cheetah Chase...

Certain victory.

Opps, I guess that's how much I dislike it I couldn't even baRE TO GET IT RIGHT, LOL'S!

SeaWorld says Discovery Cove has cultivated a loyal following since opening in 2000, and the expansion is designed to ensure that return visits continue.

This surprises me. I expected this to be more of a splurge/special event sort of destination, not one that generated repeat business.

Since I be visiting Sea World San Antonio in a couple of weeks I've taken the liberty of purchasing their two-year "Platnum" Season Pass, which covers ALL the Busch Parks except Discovery Cove. Not only am I now set for this trip, but my 2012 Coaster Trip is also set, with the Williamsburg Busch Gardens becoming the Primary Destination on that trip!(Especially since they're also slated to get a new Coaster)! :)

PS The San Antonio Parks Pass is $160.oo CHEAPER than the Orlando Park, and comes with the same benefits! :)

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the Cheetah Hunt coaster looks super fun and i like how there is the part were it simulates the feeling of a cheetah running in between the rocks. I just wonder if it will have lots of head banging at that part. Also cool is how the main themeing is the actual cheetahs. Busch Gardens has some really great rides so I hope this is just as great or even better than some of the others.

What would make this ride more interesting would be if, not unlike Manta at their sister park across the state, you got to swoop low among the cheetahs. And if the cats weren't fed on a regular basis. And if everybody was forced to wear Lady Gaga meat-dresses... This would give 'Cheetah Hunt' a whole 'nother meaning.

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Way to use unused words, Sentinel. "Parabola" had me searching for a definition.

It's nice to finally see all the clips put together into one POV. I like that it appears to roll into the launches.

Wow, I think this ride looks great! Also looks like it has a couple of nice air time hills with good speed.

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LostKause said:
Way to use unused words, Sentinel. "Parabola" had me searching for a definition.

Seriously? I've been using that word since high school geometry, grade 10 I think. And for years we enjoyed referring to the way one of the B&M guys said "parabolic curve" in, I think the Raptor promo video.

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Parabolic? Yes, I have heard that word a hundred times here on CoasterBuzz. Parabola threw me for a "loop". :)

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My sig isn't just a funny quote, LK. :)

Kause, you had me at "Parabola."

aka MonkeyPants

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I'm too honest, and blabber-mouthy to be considered wise, which is not a great combination of traits to have, Vater, but point taken. :)

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