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Thursday, June 21, 2001 6:20 AM
Last week I went to BGW. I had never been to BGT before but thought I go to check out the coasters and Rhino Rally. The first ride that I rode was Rhino Rally. I waited an hour and a half for this ride and it wasn't the best ride I have been on. The animals are interesting and the ride is ok, but the make it sound like a thrill ride when it's really a gentle ride with a twist.

After Rhino Rally I went to to Scorpion on my way to Kumba. Scorpion is actually a pretty good ride. You go up the lift go into a curving drop and into the loop. After you complete the loop you go up and do high speed banked turns. Then you go into the final double helix down and into the brakes. It's simple but a nice ride.

Kumba was next on the list and it was great. I did notice that on each train there was one seat that had a seatbelt that was attached to the OTSR. This ride starts out up the lift and the has a nice long curving drop. You are now going approximently 60 and go through the giant 114 foot vertical loop around the lift. You then go through a dive loop and up into the zero-g-roll. Then you drop into the cobra roll and hit the midcourse brakes. You then drop into two interlocking corkscrews and through a tunnel into the station.

We rode Python next and that was a short headbangin ride. I was ready for some serious headbangin and I got it. Start out dip out of the station U-Turn into the lift. At the top you go into a banked turn and drop 70 ft (I Think). Turn and go into the double corkscrew and your done.

Then it was on to Gwazi. I chose to ride the Tiger side first. I am sorry that I can't give a review on this because it changes directions at high speed so many times I didn't know what we were doing. That ride was the roughest I have ever been on.

Finally Montu, which we had to wait in line for an hour after a storm becuase the computer was zapped by lightning. This ride rocks!!! Go up the 128 ft lift into the curving drop through the 108 ft vertical loop and into the immelman. Then we go through the zero-g-roll and into the batwing. Hit the mid-course brakes and drop into the second vertical loop, a few more turns and into the corkscrew. Turn again and hit the brakes.

Overall, I like BGT a lot and will go back soon. I would recommend going to this park if you can.

Thursday, June 21, 2001 4:11 PM
BGt is a very underrated park, Montu, Kumba, and Gwazi are some great coasters, Scorpion and Python also aren't that bad, however, Phoenix, the spinning ship still freaks me out.

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