Busch Gardens Pretzel Contest (2nd Year)

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For those who have the skills to turn pretzels into coaster masterpieces, BGW is doing their pretzel contest once again.


Last year finalists did a creation of Apollo's Chariot.

This year will turn various pretzel shapes into Girffon. This ought to be very interesting due to the fact that this has Immelmens and not just hills.

I'm going to submit an empty baking pan with few specs of salt crystals and call it Big Bad Wolf.

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hehe.. nice..

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Much funnier than any pun or Haiku the people who post her could ever come up with, Paris.

Am I the only one who yawns at the idea of coaster models made of pretzels??

It will be interesting to see how the finalists create the train entirely from pretzels.

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LostKause said:
Am I the only one who yawns at the idea of coaster models made of pretzels??

Based on the amount of entries they had last year, the turn out of spectators at the event last year, you are one of the few yes..

Kind of like you are one of the few who have issues with front of line passes..

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I feel so alone... ;)

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I'm thinking I may actually want to take this on. I have a glue gun and I can easily access pretzels. :)

Given the attention to detail that I like to think I can have, I'd bet I could come up with something cool.

edit: On second thought, that does seem like a God-awful amount of work.

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Yeah.. I needed a break just watching them put it together. It really is not as easy as it seems..

That and got my hand smacked when I tried to much on one of their unused pretzels... I was starving..

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Ha! I'd end up eating my supports before I got them put up. Well, at least, I'd make sure the pretzel rods were completely stripped of their salt before use. :)

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