busch gardens or sea world on sunday?

Monday, April 23, 2001 4:07 PM
Due to circumstances beyond my control I am going to Orlando in mid July. I know it will be busy wherever I go and I am going to be hitting a park on a sunday. Should it be Busch gardnes or Seaworld and also how busy does IOA get in July? Thanks in advance *** This post was edited by ioarulz on 4/23/2001. ***
Tuesday, April 24, 2001 7:12 AM
The BGT / Sea World question is a tough one.

BGT has world class Gwasi, Montu, and Kumba, plus the smaller but fun Scorpion and lackluster Python. They also have Stanley River Falls (a good, but non themed, flume ride) and the Tanakya Tidal Wave (a minimally themed, but still fun "chute the chutes" type of ride). It is also a very picturesque park... and it seemed more relaxed than some of the others.

Sea World on the other hand is a very beautiful park, but ony has two thrill rides... Journey to Atlantis and Kraken. But what two rides they are! Wow!

What Sea World may lack in quantity, they certainly make up for in quality! While the thrill's at BGT out number SW, Gwasi, Montu, and the highly overrated Kumba can't stand up to the exceptional Kraken.

Not sure what I would do in your situation. Luckily in March I had a chance to go to both and I did not have to choose.

I promise I won't go off on a rant about those @#$%^&*! Toboggan's again.

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