Busch Gardens gets height waiver to build its tallest ride yet

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James City County leaders waived height restrictions to allow Busch Gardens to continue planning for its tallest attraction ever. The Board of Supervisors unanimously supported a request by SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, LLC, the park owners, to waive the 60-foot height limitation for the area, in order for the installation of a new attraction in the area. It will be built on the former site of the Drachenfire attraction, according to county documents.

Read more from WAVY/Norfolk.

I’m confused.

Isnt this the park that was set to build a multi-launch reverse-spike coaster on the other side of the train station from Festa Italia? Is this it? I suppose that land butts up to the Drachenfire area...

But then I read where the “plans” for a Spain area were scrapped. Was that part of the new ride? I thought not.

And now there’s this. If it’s the same project I’d assume height variance issues would’ve been cleared up before plans were revealed (leaked).

Somebody help me.

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Former site of the Drachenfire? Other news outlets are saying it will be in Fest Italia, across the train tracks from the train station. The launching ride will have a backwards spike and a very large drop towards the river, according to BGWFans.

Even the photo in the article show the area I am talking about. That is not the former site of Drachen Fire.

Maybe the fan website is wrong. Maybe the plans changed.

Edited to add: I just looked at a satellite image, and it could possibly be built in both areas if the ride were to cross over the Rhine River.

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The launch coaster in Festa Italia is next year's addition. This 355 ft height waiver is for the 2021 addition, which could be either something like a Star Flyer or perhaps another large coaster. While it would normally be unusual to build two large coasters in back-to-back years, Busch Gardens Tampa is adding their huge RMC a year after opening Tigris.

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^Tigris isn't really a large coaster though. Two actual large coasters would be unusual.

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