Busch Gardens Europe questions.

I've been planning to take my Mother, Step-Father, Step-Brother to Busch Gardens Europe for a extended period of time. We are finally going the week of the August 6th to the 10th. We are planning on getting a 3 day pass for 2 days at BGE and one day at Water Country USA. I have been checking their website a lot and i still have no idea of how the parks layout is, what is the price for most of the food, and Where i should stay. So if anyone has any suggestions on that and also on what rides to go on, I'd Greatly appreciate it. Thanks again.
Look at the park map on the site for the lay out. As for where to stay I stay at the Travel Lodge or the Best Western Patrick Henry inn.

Have a fun trip its an amazing park!


The park layout is pretty simple. To start you get in at england, then signs basically point to attractions. But once your out of england you can go a myriad of different ways.

But trust me i was a first timer there this year and very easy to navigate, a once through is always good once you been there for the day, then you usually have an idea of where to go.

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There is a nice looking Days Inn right across the street from Water Country, so I'd recommend checking into that one.

As for fodd prices, expect the usual expensive prices, but the quality of some of the food is better than the average park. I did notice that funnel cakes at Water Country are pretty reasonable compared to Kings Dominion & Six Flags.

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We usually stay at the Marriot right down the street from the park. We normally have Marriot rewards points so the rate is decent.

Food prices are great for what you get and the park is easy to navigate.

Also while you're there, which you probably won't do, but might as well put it out there, if you want an awesome coaster filled week. Go to Kings Dominion as well, 30-60 minute drive apart(Speeders?). Both parks are awesome enjoy.

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As for what rides to go on, why not do them all?
I've had a very bad experience at the Days Inn across from Water Country USA. A non-smoking room reeked of smoke, upon walking into another room for the first time, we discovered it was flooded. I used to like that Days Inn, but I had one horrific experience that has pretty much turned me off to the whole change.

The Best Western Patrick Henry Inn is being converted into a Blue Green Timeshare Resort. I've heard mixed reviews about it.

I've had a great deal of success with the Hilton Garden Inn in the northern part of Williamsburg.

A day at the park is what you make it!


When navigating the park, avoid, at all costs, the trek up from the Rhine River Cruise boats to the Land of the Dragons/German area of the park.

The hill is killer. KILLER

Oh and it's been known to be home to a VERY large black snake.



The Best Place for Food in the Parks:

1. Trapper's Smokehouse-BBQ Chicken, Ribs and Brisket which are all to die for. The only negative is that it only has outdoor seating which usually keeps me from going there on a typical HHH Virgina summer day

2. Oktoberfest-Great German food, and sandwiches. Eating area is a indoor area (ACed) to look like a Bavarian town square and check the schedule because there is a great show that recreates Oktoberfest (band, dancers, the whole works) fairly regularly throughout the day.

Also while its not a theme park, if you have any love for history do not miss Colonial Williamsburg, the largest historical recreation park in the country, and one of the bests. It recreates revolutionary Virginia where Patrick Henry, George Washington and Thomas Jefferson all walk the streets. And if Williamsburg isnt enough for you, Jamestown (which is celebrating its 400th) and Yorktown are less then a half an hour away from Williamsburg.

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