Busch Gardens Europe employees charged with felony embezzlement

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Four Busch Gardens employees were arrested Saturday on charges of embezzling $10,840 from the James City County theme park this season. The employees all worked in the baby stroller rental department.

Read more from The Daily Press.

I say drop them in one of the Shamu tanks, and if they make it across without getting eaten, they can go free.
Six Flags actually had to issue pants with the pockets sewn shut in order to keep people from stealing.

BTW Agent Johnson BGE doesn't have Killer Whales.. ;^P

It's still a Busch park.............
Even if Shamu doesn't reside at BGE, since when does an orca eat a human? :)

Or is Shamu now the new name for a Great White shark. ;)

I say we drop them in the tank that has the Friggin Sharks with Friggin Laser beams coming out of their friggin eyes...
^ On there heads not out of there eyes. ;)
Do they still hang people in Williamsburg? :)
How about angry mutated sea bass?
I prefer ill-tempered mutated sea bass over angry.
Two votes for the frickin sharks with frickin' laser beams...
Three. Lasers are cool. Sharks with lasers are even cooler.
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Shamu had MORE than ample opportunity to eat that one guy who got drunk and went for a swim in the tank after park closing....I don't think Orcas like humans...not on their menu, anyway...

Oh, that's right, the "healthy food options" was the NEXT news item....my bad... :)

Put 'em in the stocks and cane their butts. Then give them each an extra whack for being so stupid thinking they'd never be found out.

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