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Just a heads up coming from inside BGE management, BG Europe will be having a three-week Christmas/holiday event in 2009 with coasters being operational. The temperature cutoff they will employ is 46 degrees, if the temps are lower, the coasters won't run. I don't know any details about other rides but judging from other events, I think a lot of amusement rides are fine under colder conditions. Just wanted to give anyone a heads up who would like this, I live in PA so I can't say I'll be making it down but who knows when the time comes. I know Dollywood has a temperature guideline in the 40's, correct?
Very nice, I might consider going if it's warm enough out. Hershey could take a lesson from BGE, and at least run 1 or 2 coasters for Christmas Candylane
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I think I will be visiting from PA next winter. :)

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I would be happy if they at least ran the Comet. They have some decorations on it so it's already 'themed' for the event.

As much as I'd like to see some coasters operate, HP is a tad north of Dollywood which as discussed previously has a cutoff temp. as I'm sure BGE will.

Can the park really justify staffing coasters when a fair percentage of the event may just be too cold to operate them?

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That makes sense guys, if Dollywood has a temp cutoff as will BGE for their event, at Hershey it's usually below the 40-45 degree cutoff point more than it's not during the Candylane season, isn't it? Everytime I go there, it's COLD. I would ride the coasters though if they were open but probably not a lot. Our newest tradition has been hitting Hershey on the final weekend of Halloween where it's chilly but not too cold, what a nice time to be in the park. Anyway, I'll see what else I can find out about the 2009 BGE event and I was told this IS happening, it's not a proposal. I didn't really get into why not for this Christmas but my guess is they want to do a bang-up job with it and in order to maximize the chance for success, some long-term planning must be the way to go. Hey, it gives me more opportunities to get down there, especially after experiencing Griffon which I'm addicted to now. I think also what's interesting is I'm guessing Williamsburg still gets visitors in December and you've got the Great Wolf Lodge and they're inbetween Richmond and the Virginia Beach area so it will be interesting to see how this works out.

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Very nice, I might consider going if it's warm enough out. Hershey could take a lesson from BGE, and at least run 1 or 2 coasters for Christmas Candylane

As a lifelong resident of central VA. There would be more than enough *warm enough* days for the event, and even into the evening. It gets cold here in late Jan and through Feb. Nov and Dec are very similare to March here.

I have been hearing of this event for about 2 years now, and it was rumored for 08, but I have also heard 09 recently.

I just hope it happens PERIOD now with Inbev... *sigh*

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