Busch Gardens Europe announces Sesame Street Area

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The new Sesame Street attraction opens spring 2009, adding an all-new village adjacent to the England section of the park. Four new anchor rides offer kid-size versions of popular attractions, including a junior roller coaster and log flume themed after Sesame's beloved characters and designed for parents and children to share together. This new European-themed Sesame Street village will feature wet and dry play areas with net-and-rope climbs, retail and food outlets, including character dining, a 4-D movie, several stage performances by some of Sesame Street's most beloved characters, and a "1, 2, 3 Smile With Me" photo studio so families can capture memorable moments of their children interacting with Sesame Street's characters.

Read the press release from Busch Gardens Europe.

Ye Olde Sesame Street?
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It's such a popular and cross-generational franchise, I've always thought that Busch was crazy for not exploiting it more. If I ran that place, every one of their parks would have a Sesame Street themed area... probably try to install more Sesame Place parks, too. I think it's a good move.

Ye Olde Sesame Street?

Or perhaps Rue Sesame...

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Sorry, but I hate to see them break the European theme. This is the first step toward having rides named after comic book characters and other corporate America BS. Hopefully it will be discreetly done.
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^Would you prefer they use Asterix? ;)

"This new European-themed Sesame Street village"

Break form the European theme with a European-theme?

^Its just crazy enough to work!
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The biggest issue going around BGE with the advent of Sesame Street, is if/when the sale of the parks occur, how the rights to Sesame Street will be transferred, if at all.

Paramount KD had similar issues during the Cedar Fair transition (Italian Job Stunt Coaster - Now Backlot Stunt Coaster) and BEC is no more exempt from that possibility. It will be just one of those things that will most likely have to be carefully negotiated within the terms of the sale and come to an agreement with Sesame Street for name rights transfer between companies.

Hopefully the "new" company doesn't have current name rights to "South Park".. Wouldn't that be lovely :-)

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I guess that's easier to take. I know Sesame Street is broadcasted all over the world, but it seems like a blatant american icon that reminds me of everyday american life which is what I try to escape by going to theme parks. Oh well. :)
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Walking down Sesame Street will remind you of every day life? Can we switch places?
So someone really CAN tell me how to get to Sesame Street...
Elmo would tell you if Elmo was older than three years old! Hee hee hee hee hee!!!

Edit: this post is supposed to be read out loud in a gratingly high, falsetto voice. ;)
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Should do this only if they open up a Transylvania area featuring the Count.
This idea stinks of Snuffleuffagous poop

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