Busch Gardens - The Old Country 10/17/04

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I like the old name. I have been going here since 1978, and this park is one of my favorites. I haven't been here since 2000.

Great day in the 60's, and a strong crowd. There is a trend here, of more teens, and less older folks in the fall. Hot Apollo's first. About a 15 min wait. 9/10. Good times. Headed to Germany for Big Bad Wolf. Still intense. 7/10. Both coasters were running 2 trains efficiently.

Then to Alpengheist. Is this in New France or Germany? Both have mountains and funny dressed people. 2 trains, and fast loading. The front seat on this coaster is incredible! 10/10. Off the New France to the BBQ. Got the sampler platter AND fried pickles. This joint must be a madhouse in the summer. It has a larger q-line than most coasters I have been on. 9/10.

Walked the hill to Loch Ness Monster. My grandmothers favorite when she rode it in 1982. 9/10. I still love that ride. It is hard to believe that Arrow only 3 years earlier built its first Corkscrew. This coaster is very much maintained.

However, the most suprising thing I saw was at the popcorn / Coke stand across from the entrance to LNM. Like, a painter was the cashier, and 2 Water Country maintenence guys were making popcorn and churros. Amazing team work. Even more, Busch subs out maintenence to 'One Source', and company that takes care of rides and attractions. That was team work. I watched a food supervisor come and change banks, and told one of them to take a break, and he wouldn't go until their was enough back up popcorn. God bless them.

Did the Haunted Lighthouse. Look, the ghost boy didn't leave any footprints when he was on the beach, like 4 minutes into the film. And, no water was spraying. 5/10. Its for little kids. Bring back Captain Lucky. Arrragh.

Purchased a $15 coupon book for front of the line passes for 3 walk throughs and the Magic Show. Best investment of the day! The Carnival next to Apollo's was hilarious! 7/10. The one under Pompeii was good. 6/10, and the one clear back at Drachenfire's station had the biggest wait, but not for me. 7/10. They were all done up very classy. Busch also had security in the houses. They guide they give has this pumpkin scare scale, and the 5 pumpkins is not reccomended for kids under 17 or something, and you see lines full of 10 year old kids. I hope it was worth it.

Went to Ireland. Corkscrew Hill was okay. I miss the Turvey Manor Funhouse. The 4-D was good, but I am bothered with fairies. Can they stop bragging about being Irish? I think the German employees should come over, put the fairies in a box,beat up the locals, then move the Oktoberfest into 2 sections. Just a thought. Also did the outdoor haunted walk where Jack Hannah land was, between England and Italy. That has potential as a huge fright zone, with all the turns and trails. 7/10.

Busch Gardens is great. Get there early, by the coupon book, and eat a great meal with the best park food. Overall, 8.5/10.

Did you ride the Dragon.......?

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No, but he snored like one in the hotel the night before......

And don't even ask about the Taco Bell! *** Edited 10/29/2004 10:00:14 PM UTC by Hanging n' Banging***

No one knows what is in the new building. Not even us.
Thanks for the report....this was the first time in 3 years that I didn't make it to Howl-O-Scream. :( I'm still sick about it.

I never noticed there weren't any footprints in the sand. Interesting.

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