Burke, Story lead investment in Nashville Shores water park

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The sale of the 385-acre family recreation complex comes as Nashville Shores saw attendance decline by 11.5 percent in its most recent operating season amid rainy days and a recession that crimped travel and leisure-time spending. Under the deal, an investment group led by Kieran Burke and Gary Story, the former president and chief operating officer of Six Flags, will buy the water park, marina, a boat rental business and the long-term lease of 385 acres of land and water.

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Burke is completely delusional. "Performing well?" In what universe? The debt was completely unmanageable, operationally the parks got worse every year, and don't even get me started with the series of failures known as Six Flags Worlds of Adventure.

Hopefully a water park is too small for even him to screw up.

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What's Burke going to do, sit in some lofty NYC office and manage the park via cyber spaceand visit MAYBE once a year?!?! These two clowns are a joke and disgrace to the entire industry. Story has been involved with several parks/companies that have either closed or gone bankrupt and Burke is your typical high-stakes Wall Street financial guy who only knows numbers on paper (and clearly not very well from what he did to Six Flags.) There should be an award in the amusement industry for "Best of the Worst," these two win hands down.

Nashville you have no clue what you just got yourself into.

It says there are investors which I assume would be people beyond Story and Burke. Who would throw money at these people to manage a park at this point? "Yeah, no we were doing fine it was those other guys that messed it all up, not us." Holy reckless, delusional investing.

Shaking my head. WOW, just, WOW!!!!!!

My favorite MJ tune: "Billie Jean" which I have been listening to alot now. RIP MJ.

At IAAPA 2 years ago, I was having drinks with several park owners in the Peabody lobby, and Gary Story walked by. The quote from the table was "Was THAT guy did was criminal".

Question...pre-Red Zone, you know how on SFMM's website on the X coaster page there was a video of either X's announcement or from X's opening...that (old) guy in the video with the glasses and salt and pepper hair (no, not Gonch! ;) ) was that guy either Burke or Story??

Also, the SF guy who went to S&S's HQ (as the story goes) to see about new coaster developments, but left disappointed until someone said, wait, wait, how about this prototype (X), was that SF guy either Burke or Story? Just curious for my coaster reference as SF pre-Red Zone was mostly before my enthusiast time (and thankfully so!).

The salt and pepper hair guy was probably Tim Burkhart who was operations manager at the time. He liked to get in front of the camera and is currently the GM now.

Gary Story is the one that was supposedly at Arrow trying to find a new showcase ride for the front of the park since Viper was getting a bit dated. Apparently he wasn't happy with what they showed them and then they pulled X out and said they weren't sure if it was ready for public consumption yet.

^Nah, I know who Burkhart is from the Tatsu construction special.

This guy was much older, didn't have curly hair (like Tim), and sort of looked like political pundit/journalist Mort Kondracke if anyone on this board has any idea who that is.

But that's good to know it was Story who went to Arrow! (not S&S, my bad) Too bad Story didn't go to a financial management class instead!

It might have been Del Holland (former park president)

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Ooo! Does this mean that there will be capital expendature that is 10 x the profit of the property, and the worlds tallest, fastest water attraction? Oh, and don't forget that now to make up for giving away the gate that all food prices will increase by 45% the first season.

Aside from the the snark, I am interested in seeing what these two intend on doing to make this place successful and profitable. It might be a chance for them to show they really do have it right now, im trying to be very optimistic on this one. Only time will tell.

Real men ride wood... coasters that is!

Nashville Shores was a pretty nice park when I visited but it was kind of on the small side and to find out that they have all that property is very interesting.

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