Built in portland oregon can you help find it?

Built in portland oregon can you help find it? A coaster that was built in portland oregon in 2000-2005 not shur when sometime in 2000 i was told by the welders working on it it was going to the east coast usa new jersey or some ware i have no name cane anyone help me find this coaster

Portland? Or Salem?

Look in rcdb.com; you are probably looking for anything built by Miler. Unfounately, that leaves a rather large number of possibilities.

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Star Jet built by Miler opened at Casino Pier in 2002.

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I was going to guess Bubbles from Storybook Land (maybe since they *just* had a Christmas event there). http://rcdb.com/2412.htm

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How *precious*! Actually, those Miler Kiddy coasters can really pack a punch. Taxi Coaster at Adventure City anyone?

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