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When I try to build a coaster in the track editor, I can't seem to make the track different heights. Even when I build the lift hill, when I go to the 3D view, it's just horizontal, flat track. PLEASE HELP!
You have to change to the other views , like Left and Right views.  Select your track and drag it to the height you want.
OK thanks a lot for your help!
How do you bank the track? How do you make it go upside down? I can do everything except banking and making my own inversions. I know it has insert element, I would just like to be able to make my own elements.
Banking is covered in the Help Guide, but I'll explain it here. See those numbers at the top?  Those are there to change the track roll.  Click away and see what happens.  You make inversions the same way you did back in Ultra Coaster by placing Verticies at key points to angle the track segments properly.


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Hey Benji! I'm so glad someone else had this problem instead of just me! I couldn't figure out how to make the track go vertical at first, either. :-)

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Is there a way to see what angle the track is at, like 30 degrees? I don't like guessing.
The track editor is challenging and takes some getting used to but if you mess around with it you can probably figure it out.I just got my copy to run and really like the simulator but the track editor is rather tricky to figure out..I can't wait for the finished game to be released.
Yes, the track editor is tricky. I've fooled around with it and I still don't get some of it. Oh well, I guess I have to fool aroung some more. I'll figure it out eventually!

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Yes the editor can be tricky at times but I finally managed to build a fairly decent coaster last night.It took a few hours but it worked.At least making turns in no limits is not half as difficult as doing it with scream machines.The only thing I'm having a tough time with is making smooth transitions from a climb to a drop and back to a climb.But I guess through trial and error I can probably figure it out.I have not even tried to make inversions yet.
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Just start off with a really basic design as Jeff had said before.  A simple out-and-back with one train is a good start.  Then you can work your way up to banking and inversions.  I have worked my way up to a simple coaster *becuase I'm not making a huge complex track that I can't save* that has a few basic elements.  Cedar Point's Corkscrew was my latest creation, and you'll be able find shortcuts on how to make the smooth corkscrews. 

** Here's a hint... try the HELP menu ;)

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Man, I accidentally have two station pieces, but I can't delete them.  When I right click on them and hit delete nothing happens!!
What you have to do is change one of those segments back to normal track.  Select "Track" from the segment menu.  Select the segment you want to change.  Now select "Transform" from the segment menu and you're done.


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Thanks, that worked.  But now, once most of train gets out of the station, it stops moving up the lift hill (it is lift track btw).  The only way I can do it is to launch it all the way up.

And, it crashed on the launch and it won't let me re-run the ride again, kind of like RCT!

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Try fiddling with the settings to see if you can get the train going. 


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