Buffalo Bill's Resort, Primm NV 6/22

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I had attended Coaster Con with one of my good friends from Las Vegas. We had to return to Vegas on Friday since he had to work on Saturday, but that evening we decided to head back to the CA state line off Interstate 15 to take a couple spins on Nevada's tallest, fastest and longest coaster, the Desperado.

Weather: Clear and warm, 90 degrees (after sunset).

Desperado 8/10: 2 rides (front and back)

I had some painful rough rides in previous years, but today the ride was running much better! There must have been some rehab done earlier this year when Desperado was down. Wait was short, less than 10 minutes for front or back, walk-on for the middle with single train operation. The ride was flying through its great first drop and into the second swooping drop. The series of V-shaped hops leading into the block brake provided good jolts of air without being painful. After the block, the final turns, helix and hops continued to carry good speed to the finish. The front row produced the smoother ride, but the back row was more acceptable and re-ridable without being too beat up or sore. This is still one of my top 10 favorites in the standard non-inversion steel coaster category, and I'm glad to see that the recent work has reversed this coaster's decline in ride quality.

Other notes: The mainly indoor flume ride was wetter this time around, and for the first time I saw that the target shooting was in operation. This is also a welcome improvement over past visits to Buffalo Bill's.

Indoor log flume? Sounds awesome. How big is the splash?


I heard that the Desperado reached speeds up to 90 MPH???


rcdb.com says it's 80 MPH.

I rode this coaster once, and it was in 100+ degree heat, and I hated it (as much as you can hate a coaster, anyway). This was back during the last week of July... I found it to be very painful and rough, and starting out indoors is nice since it's air conditioned, but I was pretty much blinded by the sun, and couldn't see for thr first half of the ride.

It looks like it's got promise, but I didn't enjoy it too much. :(

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Is Desperado a front-seat or back-seat ride....in other words, where is the air rare.....be there soon...

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