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I am fixxing a friends computer, and when I come to CB, I get an ALL white screen with the text, a few graphics, ads and hyperlinks in blue, not the normal black that I am used too. When I go to some other pages, there are boarders and stuff missing. What is wrong with her machine? It is not displaying the *complete* page.

Even the boarders at the top of the main page, and boxes around the message(s) are missing.

Never had this happen before. It is the same in IE and Firefox.

This is how the page looks...

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You should install another toolbar.
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yeah, she does have a lot on there....

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It is not just coasterbuzz... Any web page that is supposed to have a black background does it. It is also not displaying borders and some other texts.

Reset all your web settings back to default. Close out IE and retry. Its under the advance tab.


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Tried it. Still the same. It is doing the same in Firefox as well.

Sounds like it may be a connection problem to the internet, to be honest.

Once in a blue moon (when I have about 20 or so tabs open of Coasterbuzz, and a couple other browser windows from bank sites, etc.) the pages time out because it can't transfer all of the pictures/formatting information properly because there are too many concurrent connections for the EDGE connection (roughly 15kbps). In my case, refreshing the page usually brings it up. Failing that, sometimes I need to reboot my computer/cell phone (I connect to the internet through it)

I also noticed that you have ie 7 - try disabling the phishing filter. That sucker makes web browsing soooooooo slow, and Jeff (as well as most websites) never asks for financial information anyway, so what's the point? If you really need the phishing filter, you can always check a site on a per-site basis once it's disabled.

Also check the javascript settings, and other browser settings related to various multimedia options.

Worse comes to worst, you can always back up personal data and format :)

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I had another thought... does she have a firewall software? Depending on which one, it may be intercepting some display-related programming. (similar to how some popup blockers merely strip out the javascript that will open a popup so the javascript string is merely '')

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I have the machine at my house... It is behind a Linksys router w/firewall, but I have theree other machines behind as well with no problems. I tried re-booting many times, no go. I only have one window open and CB is the first place I go.

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Other things I noticed... When doing an update through MS update, the splash bar that goes left to right when it says searching for updates is not there. The box that contains it is, but the moving animation is not. Also, When I do a Google search, and click on cached, it normally displays each word in the search box heighlited in a different color. The words are displayed, but no highlights.

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This is what the message board looks like... Notice no borders around messages.

1EyedJack said:
It is not just coasterbuzz...
Then what is the question doing here?
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1eyedjack is seemingly tech savvy enough to troubleshoot a web browser, but isn't savvy enough to register and post on a message board dedicated to such.

I am fearful for your friend's computer.

In the Windows Control Panel, go to Accessibility Options. See if "Use High Contrast" is checked under the Display tab. If it is, uncheck it and try Coasterbuzz again.
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BoogeyMon, You are a genius. Been working on this for hours. Thank you. Meet me at CP this summer and a cold one is comming your way!!

Glad that fixed it. Happy buzzing!

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