Brothers accused of selling $40k in fake theme park tickets in SoCal

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Buena Park detectives arrested a man and are searching for his brother, both suspected of together selling $40,000 in counterfeit theme park tickets. In a sting operation on Friday, detectives arrested Raymond John Lim, 23, of Walnut, who has since been released from Buena Park Jail, said Cpl. Andy Luong. Police made the announcement on Thursday.

Read more from The Orange County Register.

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I guess it just hasn't been a full season of theme park news without at least one counterfeit ticket sales article. :-)

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How soon people forget the saying "if it seems too good to be true, it probably is."

These operations thrive because you will always be able to appeal to people's greed, pride, and vanity (trying to figure out how to work sloth and lust in there). Don't pay the full price those bastards are charging you, buy your tickets from me. And btw, you're one of the few people who know about this, so you get to enjoy the park for a fraction of the cost those others schmucks are paying.

Until the tickets don't work, and the guy you bought them from is nowhere to be found.

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