British tourists accused of stealing penguin from Australia's Sea World

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Three British tourists have been accused of stealing a penguin from an Australian marine park, during a night of revelry. The men are set to appear in court on May 2 after allegedly breaking into Sea World on Queensland's Gold Coast, stripping off to their underwear to swim with the dolphins and making off with the bird. The exhausted bird was discovered by a couple in an estuary the day after he was stolen.

Read more from The Daily Mail.

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"Authorities became suspicious when it was noted the penguin's teeth looked too good to be those of a British tourist."

They were caught after they posted details of what they did on Facebook? I thought you had to be from the US to be that dumb.

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Now that was a bachelor party!

I went to Sea World and all I got was this lousy penguin... and a fine... and deported.

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