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Hello fellow enthusiats! Ive been stuck at 99 coasters for the past week and since today (8/23/04) or yesterday when this posts, is my day-off and one hell of a nice day here in the NYC area, I dragged my friend along and decided to go thru potential traffic hell and went to Brooklyn to finally get to see Coney Island and ride the famed Cyclone. I figured since its my 100th, it is only fitting that a legendary coaster would be the one. Brooklyn is the only borough that I know nothing about since I dont have any friends or family there so I relied on mapquest which was really unreliable in this case cuz we took a 10 mile/30 minute detour thru the streets of Bay Ridge till we finally found our way with the help of some local folks. Mapquest time was 70 mins from my house, it ended up being 95. We finally got there and bought tickets and hopped on to the second row, and it was bliss! This is the shortest (length-wise) wooden coaster ive been on, but its one of the best. The view of the Atlantic Ocean on your first drop was exhilirating, and all the drops was sharp enough for great thrills. Definitely one of my top 10 wooden coasters. We went to the original Nathan's store for snacks. Astroland and Deno's are nice amusement parks. Decent flat rides, and the boardwalk offers great food! But had to do nathan's. Then we went on to SFGadv to finish the day. we got there around 430 and it was crowded. I rode Blackbeards Lost treasure train (#101) for the credit along the way, and my friend got to Superman, Medusa and Runaway Mine Train for the frist time. It was a great day overall. Did anyone do anything special for their 100th coaster?
Congrats on your 100th! And Nathan's...yum! I must get to the real Nathan's someday...only had it in Las Vegas, of all places.

I don't even remember my 100th...I'll have to try and figure out what it was, but I just reached 200 last week with Top Gun at Carowinds! :)

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Heh. Dawn, I've been stuck at 200 for a couple months now. It was the Sea Serpent at SCBB. Oh yeah, that's a milestone and a half. Hopefully I'll be getting 201 and 202 on Thurs. with my first trip to Bonfante. I'm looking forward to it. =)

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thanks dawn. congrats on 200! Itll take me forever probably to reach that. You have to hit up Coney Island when you visit New York.

#100 was Shivering Timbers.

#200 was Super Steel Venom Man at Six Flags Geauga World Lake of Adventures.

#300 was a Maurer wild mouse. You can't win them all...

dawnmarie313 said:
Congrats on your 100th! And Nathan's...yum! I must get to the real Nathan's someday...only had it in Las Vegas, of all places.

I don't even remember my 100th...I'll have to try and figure out what it was, but I just reached 200 last week with Top Gun at Carowinds!

200? Rookie... ;-)

Getting 100 is probably the most special milestone there is. Mine was Magnum back in 2001 and I felt like I could finally hold my own in coaster conversations, not having to mumble my count under my breath. Unfortunately, getting to 100 means now you have to get to 200, 200 means 300, etc...and somewhere around 400, you start to run out of USA and have to look overseas.

Planning for #400 to be at Blackpool in 2006. ;-)

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I'm currently at 90, but I remember my 50th being Borg. I can't for the life of me remember what my first coaster was, but I know it was either Scooby @ PKD or Little Eagle @MBP. I plan on finishing up New England/Penn, Fla, and West coast next year, maybe Texas on the way. Then 2006 is overseas, baby!
Congratulations on hitting 100 with such a great landmark!

I agree that 100 is probably the most special milestone. It seems to take forever to get there, and then they fall with relative ease for a little while. (Then things slow down again, simply because it gets harder and harder to get to new-to-you rides)

In my case, #100 ended up being nothing fancy -- Hershey Wildcat. Oh well. At least it wasn't Trailblazer... :-)

(200 was Superman Ultimate Flight at SFoG. 250 was actually the most significant milestone in terms of good choice -- Coaster at PNE. 300 was going to be Boulder Dash, but weather had other plans, so I'm still at 292.)

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All my 'milestone' coasters are less than fancy choices:

50 was Gold Rush at Wild Adventures
100 was B:TR at SFGAdv
150 was Hurler at Carowinds
200 was Pipeline Express at Wild Water & Wheels

Didn't try to plan and make a certain coaster a certain number. I just go on trips, come home and do the math.

Cyclone as #100 is pretty cool though :)

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Congrats, Coy! My 100th was also CI's Cyclone, during the week or the celebration of its 75th anniversary. #150 will most likely be Phoenix in about two weeks. :)
I'm with Gonch, in that I just kind of hit milestone coasters as I go and if it just happens to be a decent one, then that's cool. I tried this past spring to get The Mummy at USF as #200 but it didn't work out, so now I just go with it. For me:

#100- Batman: Knight Flight @ SFWOA

#200- Cannonball Run @ Waterville USA

#300- Should be the Yankee Cannonball @ Canobie Lake next weekend.

BTW, congrats on #100. Allthough I haven't ridden the Cyclone yet, I must say that was definitley a great choice for it.

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