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My dad and I are planning a trip to Cedar Point and were looking at their resort options because of the 30min. early thing. I was thinking Breaker's Express because of it's prices. Has anyone stayed there that can tell me if reservations are neccessary and if the park is visible from the resort. Also, how much difference does the 30 extra min. make as foar as Raptor and MF lines?


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I'm not 100% sure but you probably do need a reservation this time of year for Breakers Express. CP's resorts are barely ever vacant.

The extra 30 minutes? If you run you'll get on on one of the first trains and then have a 5-10 minute wait until the GP is let in.

I've stayed at Breaker's Express and have nothing but good things to say. Very nice, reasonable price, and you still get the early entrance into the park.

You can't see the park from the hotel, but it's only a 5 minute drive away. Oh, and definitely make reservations. The place fills up even in May and October.

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Thanks! But actually I believe we may go in 2007 for the new coaster. Sorry for any confusion.
You want a reservation, because for the most part, prices only go up at BE---the earlier you reserve, the better your rate will be.

You cannot see, hear, or walk to the park from BE.

Early entry will easily get you a couple of minimal-wait rides before crowds build. Plus, provided you reserve early enough, BE is nicer than most other Sandusky hotels, but no more expensive.

I've just about given up on staying in any non-CP hotel. Not because of the early entry (I have Joe Cool) but just to avoid the dives.

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