Bragging Rights 10/28

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Sunday, October 29, 2000 5:57 AM
It was another glorious day at Six Flags Ohio yesterday. It was a chilly day, with very cold winds. We arrived at opening, arriving with 10 other cars in the lot. We quickly ran back to Batman where we set a new record. We rode Batman FOUR times in 8 minutes! After that, we went to Superman where we met with my aunt, uncle, cousin, and her friend. Chris and I waited TWO cycles for FRONT, which I have never rode. The front was spectacular, but I like back just a little better. We quickly hit that up again towards the back for another walk-on. Later in the day, we hit Suzy twice more for walk-ons. We proceeded back to The Villain where we waited um, zero minutes and um, zero cycles for back row. We bought the pic of my brother with his shirt off, me w/ my shirt over my head, and Chris doing the same as me. Joey's girlfriend Krista just sat and laughed. We ran around and had the same luck, sitting in second car. We were pretty tired so we hit up the sweet steak pita stand, where..........a line? We waited 5 minutes for a expensive, but well worth pitas that where the best I ever had. Put this stand in PERMANATELY! After that we rode Texas Twister 3 times in a row and then Double Loop from back, never waiting a cycle or minutes. After that, we wandered around for countless hours, untill we met with Cory. It was 7 and we took our last flight on Batman. It was very beautiful, having full respect for the ride. Fireworks were going at sea world, and the last front seat flight was purely awesome. The only let down of the day was watching Big Dipper sitting in all its misery. We also rode the very sweet monorail, yoo-hoos I mean hay baler, T1me W4rp, and musi"k" express. We checked out Brutal Planet and waited an ?hour? and it was quite corny. A great day to end this marvelous season this year.
"Conjoined Twin Mislexia Week"

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