Boys hit basketball shot from Alabama Adventure S&S tower

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In the days after video of their 200-foot shot from the top of a monument went viral earlier this month, members of the Alabama-based group The Legendary Shots sat around pondering a particularly pressing question. "We were basically thinking, 'How can we top that?'" 17-year-old Carson Stalnaker said. "What can we possibly do next?" It was with that in mind that Stalnaker and his friends hatched a crazy idea to call local amusement park Alabama Adventure to ask permission to shoot baskets off one of the rides on a day the park was closed.

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I thought this was going to be stupid and annoying but I really enjoyed it, actually. Cool for the park to let them do it.

Nothing to see here. Move along.

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That's awesome. I want to try that.

"If passion drives you, let reason hold the reins." --- Benjamin Franklin

Some of these maybe real but beware the world of digital editing.

Go to the site where they have their videos and it amazing how many of the shots leave the hands and then dissapear off screen and come back and make it. Also one in gym where bounced off of a kids foot... In frame by frame it appears to never even hit the foot or even close.... I think it is just another 15 min of fame on the web.

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Totally cool, in my opinion. Does this count as a 4 pointer?

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It looks cool till some idiot throws a ball to a friend that is already sitting on the tower. I could see someone getting bonked on the head by a basket ball being thrown from 100+ feet.

I think it was a bad idea for the park to let them do this.

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It was on a day when the park was closed, and the whole thing was coordinated beforehand. This wasn't just a spur-of-the-moment idea.

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I think these are cool videos, but it's more an I-wish-I'd-thought-of-that than a wow-these-kids-are-talented. The thing is though, they totally admit that. They're just persistent and keep doing it, and as such have received some media attention, but there are hundreds (thousands?) of videos of people making insane basketball shots, ridiculous beer pong shots, crazy tricks with random objects etc. etc.

I don't call digital-editing foul on these guys either. They'll be the first to admit that it can take them literally hundreds of tries to make one shot, but who wants to sit and watch an hours-long video of a kid missing a basket 500 times and eventually making it? It's much more fun to watch if they edit out their hours upon hours worth of misses into a minute long clip of ridiculous basketball shots.

Think about it... behind where I sit right now, there is about 15ft of room, a wall, and behind that wall sit 3 people, all of whom have trash cans. If I set up a camera at my desk and another behind theirs and started blindly pitching crumpled up paper balls over my shoulder, I would eventually sink a ball in a trash can. It probably wouldn't even take that long if they were calling out cues like too long, too left, etc.

Does that make an interesting internet video? No, but if I edit it down into the 5 seconds of successful ball-to-trash flight and am sure to maintain a nonchalant expression for the few seconds after I sink it, I'd say I've just created a pretty successful web video.

Credit to these guys for finding a way to take that "skill" (or more accurately, boredom + persistence) and making some $ for it.


It's kind of like Bill Murray learning how to zing playing cards into the hat in Groundhog's Day.

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Is it just me, or is some of that cheering when the ball goes into the hoop a little overdone?

Way cool, anyways!

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It's fun to watch this video then repeatedly watch the one of Lebron missing shots at Cedar Point. Me thinks ESPN gave the wrong person a one hour primetime TV special. ;)

Good to see someone is actually shooting a basketball in the state of Alabama and not throwing a football. Very awesome shot and cool to see it done at my hometown park!

Collin Aynes

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I wonder how many times he had to try before getting it in? It -what is the basketball term- ...swished!

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