Boy hit by stray bullet on Magic Springs log flume

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A boy was injured by a stray bullet while on a ride at an amusement park in what police Tuesday called a "freak accident." Hot Springs police spokesman Cpl. Tom Winton said that it would be nearly impossible to tell who fired the shot in Monday's shooting at Magic Spring & Crystal Falls amusement park.

Read more from AP via Fox News.

One more thing for Markey to jump on....

In all seriousnes, glad the boy is going to be fine and it wasn't a lot worse.

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They had a CSI episode like this once. But that's TV. What are the odds? I mean really.
Homer Sipmson Voice: "Ooooh Prizes!"
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Actually, strange as it might seem, my mother was hit by a stray bullet on the Fourth of July one year while sitting in an enclosed patio. The roof was plastic and the bullet came through the roof and lodged in her leg just above the knee.

People who fire guns into the air do not realize that bullet comes down SOMEWHERE.

Although it wasn't really funny at the time, we do chuckle about it now as mom insisted we not go to the cottage that weekend as she didn't want to drive in the traffic and take a chance of having an accident. Instead, we stayed home where it was supposedly nice and safe and she got shot.

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People who fire guns into the air do not realize that bullet comes down SOMEWHERE.

Those people need to watch Mythbusters. :)

(specifically, Episode 50)

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I :)
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Mmmm. Kari in FHM :)
Hehe... Actually got to hang with Jamie during the BattleBots tournements back in 2001,2. He really does act and dress like that all the time. It's kind of funny because my wife and I both figured he'd wind up on some kind of crazy kids science show.

I'm very gratified that this young man was not more seriously injured and that it was not apparently some kook trying to kill a random slide rider...


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^^Zoiks! Forget episode 50!

By the way, were you the guy that posted the link to Rachel Ray's pix in FHM?

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No, I wasn't the guy.
Glad the kid wasn't seriously hurt.

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