Bowcraft Playland's Crossbow for sale

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Based on my visit in May of last year, this doesn't surprise me. Employees told me ´╗┐the ride drew crowds in it's first year. But now, they rarely if ever run more than one train. I was there Memorial Day weekend 2011 and I could have sat on the ride all day if I wanted too. A coaster of this size should probably have never been built here. It is a fun ride. I hope it gets a good home.

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I enjoyed it. But even on my visit on the 4th Of July sbout 3-4 years ago, it was only running one train then.

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I thought it was pretty sweet - LOVED the trains. Definitely more ride than a "kiddie park" needed...

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We stopped by there a couple of months ago on our way to Rye Playland only to find that the coaster had never opened this year. It would have been nice for them to have put that on their website.

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