Went to Lake Compounce on Saturday to try out the improved Boulderdash. To say that it's running like it's a brand new coaster is an understatement. It was flyin.

GCI did a fantastic job retracking the trouble areas, including the potholes from last season. Along with those spots, they also retracked that little dogleg to the left on the return part of the coaster; Pretty much the entire far turnaround, and one of the outward hills (The one before that funky little hill with the double jolt.).

Ran into one of the main guys at the park, his name is Jerry (Don't remember his last name, Sorry Jerry).

Talked to him about Boulderdash, and how we thought the red train seemed to be running faster then the yellow train. Mentioned that we thought it was running faster due to the torential downpour that passed through earlier in the day, and he assured us that, that wasn't the reason.

BD is running faster all on it's own.....With a little tweaking, and I loved every ride on Saturday.

Way to go Lake Compouce, and GCI for bringing this coaster back to it's rightful glory. Scary thing is that their not even finished with their overall plan for retracking.

Can't wait to see how it will be running next year, if it's already flyin this year. *** Edited 6/19/2007 5:05:41 AM UTC by Coasterphan***

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