Boulder Crash

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No mention of yesterday's accident on BoulderDash? Plenty of enthusiasts were there for what was supposed to be Oc-Boulder-Fest, but the event was ruined by the 2 empty trains crashing into each other, apparently. The ride is reportedly going to be closed for the rest of the season.

I scoured the internet (Okay, google and 1 FB group) for more info, but other than talking to a friend who was there, it seems very little is being reported. I can't even provide a link, except for one from a different coaster group, of which I'm not even a member, so I'll leave it at that.

I saw a pic on FB. No one was on the ride, they were in the process of transferring on. The green train hit the blue(?) train and buckled.
Sucks. But this is one time I hadn't bought airfare so I'm good with it.

I was at the park and the accident happened when they were adding the 2nd train for the ert that night. I was told it was the fault of the maintenance guys who were putting the train on as they sent the train that was on the lift while the rides computer was still in manual mode. Here's the pic of the green train and you can see the train buckled from the force of the impact.

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Train should have remained STOPPED on the lift until the other one was completely in the station. Releasing it from the lift means the block is wasn't (obviously!)... :-(

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I guess they'll be hiring new maint. Guys.

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Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened.

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Nothing to see here. Move along.

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I guess that's what I'm not understanding. If something is in 'manual mode' wouldn't you want the default for everything to be powered off? Like the lift and the mechanism that keep the brakes open? That way things like 'leaving something on' doesn't happen? Instead, you are forced to manually turn on each block (like hold down a button) to allow a train to advance.

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After what happened with Smiler, I would've thought this kind of incident wouldn't happen again for another hundred years.

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Manual mode sounds like it should be called safety override mode. Class egregious error here. Never work on operating equipment.

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Well, if it was the maintenance team and not the operating crew, I'm glad for that at least. I'd hate for a part time worker to get blamed or be at fault for something preventable like this.

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Kinda crazy how this happened to 2 rides in the last month. Boulder Dash and CP's Corkscrew.

Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

^ I didn't hear about Corkscrew...

But then again, what do I know?

Corkscrew was an eerily similar situation. They were transferring a train, put it into manual mode, then once the train was transferred on, the ride (or person running the manual mode) decided to not apply brakes apparently, and crashed.

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Hey, let's ride (random Intamin coaster). What? It's broken down? I totally didn't expect that.

I am far from an expert on how the rides operate, but I was under the impression that there are typically three modes of operation for the roller coasters.

1) Automatic: This is what the ride typically operates in

2) Manual: Manual mode allows the operators to move the trains as they desire, but the blocking system is still enabled.

3) Maintenance: This allows complete override of the blocking system by whoever is running the controls.

The rides would normally run in automatic mode, as it is faster, and more reliable than the other modes. Manual modes would be used for moving the trains around to reset block errors, or transferring trains. I can't understand why a "maintenance" mode would be used just to transfer trains on and off. It would seem to me that you would want the blocking system enabled unless there was some issue absolutely couldn't be fixed with the blocking enabled.

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The coasters I have experience with operate just as you have described. Parks all operate differently as to who can transfer on and off trains. Some only allow Maintenance teams to do it while others like Cedar Point allow seasonal Ride Hosts to transfer as needed. This is where 'Manual Mode' helps because it gives the crew enough control to accomplish a transfer or do morning block checks but not enough to really do major damage.


I was at lake compounce yesterday. I knew fully going in that it was slated to be closed. It was even on the marquee as being closed. Wildcat was closed as well.

So I hopped on zoomerang and ate a burger at the diner. Afterwards took a ride on thunder and lightning. While waiting for it to load I heard what sounded like a wooden coaster going up a chain lift. I was just hoping that it was what I heard. Sure enough Boulder Dash came flying down the hill. It's back open with only one train running.

It was my first time ever riding it. I have to say it's a great ride. It needs a bit of work after the first drop and a few of the upper half of hills, but man does this coaster deliver. So there's the news and no I didn't go for the golden ticket awards although they were there. Btw just have to say lake compounce is a beautiful and excellent park.

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Surprised and pleased to hear that they got Boulder Dash up and running so soon after the collision. I'd been thinking that the timing of the collision was particularly unfortunate in terms of the Golden Ticket awards. And yes, the coaster does need some work after the 1st drop. Am still in some pain from a rib contusion sustained on Boulder Dash on August 12 near the 1st drop - when you get to be 66 things don't heal as quickly - but despite that it remains near the top of my list after El Toro and Lightning Rod. I would certainly ride it again but never, never on the inside.


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