Boomers! July 20th

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I don't travel too often for work; maybe 5 or 6 times a year. I usually don't travel to places that have parks nearby, and when I do I rarely have the time to visit, or if I do, I can't justify the cost for a couple hours.

Boomers! in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, on the other hand, is cheap, and when I'm down there working in Broward County, I can definitely justify a few rides on the Hurricane. The last time I was in the area my coworker and I stopped in and took one ride, front seat. I was surprised at how good it was, although the trains had a significant shuffle throughout the ride.

I stopped in Monday evening, this time solo, which was odd and amusing at the same time. The place was absolutely dead, as to be expected I suppose, but I felt like 'that guy' know, the one old dude that stands around in the club where all the kids hang out and party on Friday night. There were a few groups of teens, pre-teens, and parents with small kids riding the go karts, playing video games, and bowling duck pins (way cool, I haven't seen duck pins in eons). And then me, the 36 year old husband and father, sans wife and kid, hanging out riding a 90% empty roller coaster and hanging around the prize counter waiting for Bertha to serve my pizza.

Anyway, I paid 12 bucks for unlimited rides on the Hurricane this time, and was satisfied after four. Twice in the back, once in front, and once in car 3, I believe. Seems the shuffling was worse, although it's possible my memory gave it more credit than it deserved. It's still fun as hell, has some great laterals, and the last stretch before the brakes is just full of nice, somewhat violent air. I spent maybe an hour, hour and a half there, four rides on Hurricane and a pizza later and I was back in my hotel room...which, by the way, was on the top floor of the Westin resort right on A1A overlooking the beach, which I'd say was the highlight of my trip. Spent many a night walking up and down the strip, and even took a nice drive to Miami on Wednesday evening.

I'll conclude with another little tidbit: I passed by the Swap Shop every day going to and from the office, and I had tossed around the idea of getting 2 more credits on the kiddie coasters there at Uncle Bernie's. Problem was, the park was only open on weekends, and I left for home last Friday. I didn't mind, though, as I would have felt more like 'that guy' than the 'that guy' I was at Boomer's.

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