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Well I'm a regular PKI goer, once a week so this might be a regular goers sight...

Gold pass only day for the waterpark but there were a TON of cars for the waterpark only. The other lot was filled like crazy too. The lines in the regular park weren't too bad but white water canyon was filled all the way.

As for the water park, took the train like normal, entrance still the same basically, some new signs in the park and painted buildings. The new 4 person racing slides were fun but not much better than the old white slides. Actually I might perfer the 4 white slides. The new Kids Zone looks good where it is and looks like the park has more but its not much different. The Funnel slide was fun, decent wait but very fun. They put red and blue tarps at the top of the slides which dont look good with the color of some of the slides.

Overall it was a big disappointment... The Funnel was a good addition and the new kid zone is nice but the theming just isnt there like i was hoping. It reminds me too much of the old park and they didnt add enough... Don't go expecting a lot of new stuff and for it to be a lot better. Just my opinion

I'm with you PKI fan2. Nothing personal PKI, but the way it was blown up for the past year, when the day finally came it was a pretty big disappointment. Like fan2 said, nothing much has changed. 80% of the changes were all asthetic, (new theming, new paint, new landscaping in some areas) The funnel slide, (is it called Tasmanian Typhoon?) lived up to the hype, but on scale with HW's Zinga, they were about the same to me even though TT is bigger! The kids play areas were fun, but my daughter still likes the re-themed Koala Splash, (but don't read too much into that, right now she loves anything with Koala Bears in it!). Lastly, one suggestion. Please get rid of that black rubber matting on the platforms to Snowy River Rampage, (or any other ride it's on). That stuff was murder on the feet!! Since I have a toddler, I will be back at Boomerang Bay again, but it needs to live up to the hype. One other plus though, the chairside service was really good, but get those kids some of those metal change makers, it would make their job so much easier. Thanks for a good day though!
It sure was busy this weekend at Boomerang Bay and PKI. I had to check back and see if the water park was for gold pass members only. The parking lot was full.

Tasmanian Typhoon was the best ride without a question. Overall, the park was quite enjoyable.

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I got there from just after 5pm, after a long drive from Chicago and CoasterBuzz Con at SFGAm. I was wanting to do some of the stuff, but seeing the place packed, I decided to leave the trunks in the car and just brought the camera.

Overall, the water park is a big improvement over WaterWorks. I'm glad to see some new signage, new colors, and new names. The extra landscaping also added to the experience: the place last year was a sea of open space and concrete more than a water park. I'm hoping they can keep this makeover up so it doesn't end up looking like Water Works from the past few years.

I thought it was disappointing with some of the existing attractions: They didn't do much to the lazy river, and some of the older slides I thought needed replacement. And yes, they should really get rid of the black floor stuff for the slide lines - I know there's better, foot-friendly surfaces out there.

I can't wait til next weekend to try out the new stuff - especially Coolangatta and Typhoon.

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