BooBuzz 2006 at Cedar Point

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OK, so I haven't made any pretty graphics for it or anything, but here's the skinny on our fall event at Cedar Point:

We're trying to arrange a tour of the monster shop as well, but that's not final. I'll keep you posted.

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I might as well start with the questions...

Would one have to pay the full $42 if they had tickets from a hotel package, for example?

Boobuzz??? hehehe how cute :)

Fate is the path of least resistance.

Antuan - You must not listen to the podcasts then, eh?

Thanks for the info Jeff.

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Sweet. Making plans to be there that weekend.

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I assume that if you have your own way in, as with a hotel, you'll have to pay the $15 rate, as if you were a season pass holder. I'd have to ask the park to be sure.

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Dang, here I was all excited that I would finally attend my first event and then I see" Each member can bring TWO guests." Well, that pretty much eliminates my family of four. Oh well, I am destined to live my life never having experienced ERT.


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Hey LdScotsman have another member of your family join Coasterbuzz so you can get some ERT. You know it'll be worth it! :)

I can't wait!

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Family memberships are inexpensive, too.

I guess it was just poor planning on my part, but the event would still be difficult. Only my wife and I can ride TTD(which neither of us has ever been on)and MF. My 3 and 6 year olds are relegated to Woodstock and Jr. Gemini right now. I'd have to get my parents in as well so they could keep an eye on the kids while we rode. That's actually a good chunk of change to spend to get 6 people in with only two of them riding.

Odds are that I will actually be in the park on that day, but I guess I could be considered a Stealth CB member, because I will have no nametag. :) Watch for a shifty looking character attempting to sneak into the Coral Courtyard! (I'm just kidding, I'm in no hurry to get kicked out of the club!)

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You have disturbed the forbidden temple, now-you-will-pay!!!

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I'm kinda in the same boat, Tom. Wife and two kids. However, my daughter is big enough to ride for ERT, so we'd just be paying for my little man to tag along. No biggie, we did for the last couple CB events. (PKI & Dorney)

I just need to score a second CB Club membership for someone which sucks a little. Then again, it'll pay off when we hit HW, so I guess it's not all bad. :)

It's only $5. You can probably afford it.

$5.00 for the membership, a lot more than that to get into the event. I'd have to drop $42.00 PER PERSON according to what Jeff has typed in. So that would be $252.00 for two riders, 2 kids, and my parents to watch the kids while we rode. Ouch!

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My reply was to Gonch, not to you. Mr. "Parks aren't charging enough yet and need to charge more" was whining about $5. ;)

I admit it was a bit of an inside joke.

Yeah, I figured that out after I posted it. Lousy inside jokes. I'd say something about pancakes, which I know is some kind of inside joke on here, but I'd have no idea why it was funny! :) Although I think I finally understand M:TR!

Tom ;)

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Yeah, I know, Brian. And like I said, if we make our planned trip to HW this season (or next, presumably), then it more than pays for itself with the discount. Whining more about the 10 minutes it'll take to do it. :)

Hey, Jeff - can I pay with credit card using the family member mail-in form or am I stuck with check/money order? And if I send the form in like right now, would I get the card(s) back by Labor Day weekend?

Also looking forward to the answer for Neuski's question as the hotel package is a consideration for us right now.

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I’m not sure what’s planed foodwize, but I’ve found in the past the Coral Courtyard Catering is much better than in the Picnic Pavilions. The courtyard is much nicer and right on the boardwalk (though that might not be a good thing for october :)). Plus the food always seems better there.

I guess after Beast Buzz (which I missed) will beer be available at Boo Buzz?

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I guess you can buy tickets any way you'd normally buy tickets. I'll ask.

There won't be any beer for this one, sorry, unless you visit the restaurants that serve it and you buy it.

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That's another thing all together. Tickets. I just realized that I already have 3 funday passes in my possession, so admission to the park is already covered for my wife and I. My kids are only 10 bucks each and my parents are only 10 bucks each. If all I had to do was get 1 more club pass for five bucks and pay just $15.00 for everyone that drops it from $252.00 down to $90.


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