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I posted this a moment ago, not realizing that it wouldn't take the image tag for pictures. Drat! Mom took some great photos yesterday of the park and CPLady and me running around it. :)

Ah well... long and the short of it was that we had a great time at BooBuzz!

-- Maverick was awesome, but better in the front seat than the back. Got jarred around a bit too much in the backseat for my tastes.

-- Was great to see Kristin, Danny, Rob (and Jacob) as well as some other people I haven't seen since BeastBuzz 2003.

-- Millennium Force and I still have seatbelt issues to work out. :)

-- Thank goodness for ERT because the park got mobbed!


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The pictures were great! You'll have to find a way to post links to them.

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BooBuzz was a blast again! And about the park getting mobbed; my God. I've never seen that place that crazy!

A friend of mine was there yesterday, and she heard in a line that there was about 60,000 people there yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised.

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Thank you Jeff, and thank you Cedar Point! What a great time we all had at Boobuzz. It was fun to see so many buzzers I havent seen in a while, (Tom, Doreen, Jeff, Jamie, William, and you too Pat...we still have cupcakes for you if you want 'em!).

- Started out w/ Maverick, of course, and got three rides in, (could've had more, but left satisfied anyway!). I really meant to get over to Skyhawk, but it never happened.

- During the 11am resort opening we managed two rides on MF, (Sorry Maverick, You're a good ride, but Millie rules my life at CP!).

- As mentioned already, the place would become totally packed, and that was soooooo true. One hour waits for Corkscrew? Magnum's ques full and lining the midway? One family we talked to waited, no kidding, 6 hours for Maverick!? As we took a nighttime train ride we saw MF's ques completely full and also lining the midway!

- Thanks also to Mr. Taylor for the Monster Shop tour, it was very, cool. We asked him about King's Island's Halloween Haunt and he told us this season it is only operating at about 20% of it's potential. That it will only get better in the years to come.

- When the haunts opened up we did Fear Faire 3 different times. Our 4 & 7 yr. olds were loving it...and it was a lot of fun! CarnEVIL had some good spots, but it was so crowded. It must've been somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 screamster for every 25-30 guests. We saw Gonch in there chasing the evil monkey around =)

- A few other things that stuck out to me were the cemeteries for deceased rock stars, (I never knew Robert Palmer died!). And the deceased CP rides.

- The only bummer of the trip was a huge one. I have no pics of any of this due to the fact that I lost my camera somewhere between the parking lot and home. I hope it turns up eventually, but my doubts are high that I'll see it again.

Once again though, thanks to all was a great weekend!!

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