BooBuzz '09


Since this was going to be my second and final trip to CP this year(CoasterMania being my first), I decided to make it a full weekend. The weather report was looking good and I was in need of a vacation.

Friday night most of the major rides were 15min. waits or less. I will not bore you with details but basically I got multiple rides on all my favorites and scored lots of front seats as a single. I did not do any of the haunts as they are not as much fun when you are alone. Plus I never really had any Halloweens groing up so it's hard for me to get in to it. Finished the night with 7 or 8 rides on Millie.

ERT Sat. morning on Mav. was great as expected. Two of the trains were off line reducing the cycle time and when it was over I had 16 rides in. After ERT and a trip to the restroom I got in line for TTD for a couple rides. Got half a dozen rides on Maggie and a couple on Gemini. By that time the park was getting very busy with 1hr + waits for the major rides. So I rode some of the flats and MaxAir once while waiting for the Terror Island tour.

The tour was lead by Tony and provided some great photo ops of Millie. After that was dinner in the upstairs conference room. It was nice eating indoors and not having to deal with the wind. We had brats, fried chicken, beans, potato salad, bottled Pepsi products, and big chocolate chip cookies for desert.

After eating I took a walk around the park to people watch and settle dinner. The lines for all the rides were long by this time. Even Corckscrew had close to an hour wait. So I scored a couple Zippos playing "Knock It Off" and headed back to the hotel for a good night's sleep.

Sun. was about like Fri. crowd wise. I started out with a ride on Mav. then Millie then on to wait for TTD so I could be on the first train of the day (I did, back seat). Spent the rest of the day hitting most of the other rides and just having fun in general. I did not see a wait time longer then 45min. for Mav. and Raptor was a walk on most of the day with a two or three train wait for the front. I never got so many front row rides on Raptor before, with a weekend total of at least 20. By the end of the day TTD was a walk on and so I finished my weekend there.

A great event and a great weekend.

Looking forward to my first Fall Affair.

Thanks Jeff!


My name is Mike, and I'm a coasterholic.

Wow, 16 rides on Maverick during ERT! Here I thought my 10 rides were impressive. This was my first time to CP and was impressed. The park sure did draw a crowd. Even the 11-12 individuals were filling the park in quite a bit. I never did get another ride on Maverick outside of the ERT time, but I could imagine the tunnel is something special during the night. The food was very tasty. Plus those chocolate chip cookies were soft and fabulously good. Even though the park did get busy I was very satisfied with the riding I got in.

This was another perfectly executed CoasterBuzz event. I love the CoasterBuzz sponsored events and thrilled the parks have us as guests. Now bring on the Fall Affair!


Awesome Mike! Wish I could have been there to catch some rides with you! Sounds like a blast!

Collin Aynes

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Thank you soo much for Boo Buzz! My family had a blast! That was our first outing with coasterbuzz! We did not get to go in the summer because of my father in law was ill. He is fine now. I really enjoyed the Maverick and the tour and meal! Thanks again!!! We wil be at more events in the future! I got on Maverick 10 times! It was cool to have that special time with one of my favorite rides! I agree the chocolate chip cookies were soo soo good!

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