Bonfante Gardens closes after investor pulls out

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Bonfante Gardens, which many have named one of the most beautiful parks in the world, is closed until they can find additional funding. A primary investor pulled out of the project earlier this year. The park had a successful first season.

Read more from The Mercury News.

Its sad to see any park close its doors, let alone one that has only been open for a year. *** This post was edited by joey isch on 9/19/2001. ***
Well, it says that they are going to try finding additional funding. If they can't find it, perhaps one of the biggies will buy it. I can think of a particular chain that already owns a couple of "Gardens" that would be a perfect fit...

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ColumbusCoaster, that's actually not a bad idea. It would mark Busch's return to California since the failure of Busch Gardens in San Diego, or where ever it was. Busch does a great job of keeping their parks neat and clean so it wouldn't be a major problem.
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Busch failed in los angeles ot san diego, cuase sea world  is still there
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I went to Bonfonte Gardens with this attitude:  ride the two coasters, take a look around, and leave.  I was so impressed with the park I spent over 8 hours there.  Bonfonte is by far the most beautiful park I have ever been to...yes, even more so than BGW.  Shade everywhere, especially the queues.  The rides are top-notch and few the theming on each ride is spectacular.  And the trees, flowers, and plants....WOW! 

I hope they find anothr would be a shame to see this park closed for good.

NOOOO! I absolutely love that park. Went by myself for the coasters and loved it so much that I brought the family 5 hours from home to enjoy it with me.

I'm really hoping that they find another investor, and soon. I'd hate to see this park close as it's alreay one of my favorites.

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More sad news to add to a totally devastating year. I had one brief visit to this park and was blown away by it's beauty. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things work out for the good guys for a change.
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Wow...that really sux!  They weren't even open a full year!
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Such sad news. I do hope that they are successful in finding another inverstor and keeping the park open. I never had the chance to visit, but I've heard great things!

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I hope everything works out! From what I've heard, it's a great place, and I'd love to visit it when I go to California next year.
from the sounds of it, it was a was a amazing park so any company that would be stupid to not pick it up.
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thats horriable. are there any web sites about it?
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According tothe press release on there offical website, it said they are closed for the winter season and will reopen for summer 2002. I hope this is true. Its a shame if they close for good.
it would be just awsome it Busch Gardens would pick it up, cause there one of the few parks around that can make a 195 foot inverted monter look natural in the woods.
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Yes, this park would be a great opportunity for any company to gain a foothold in the Northern California market, since PGA and SFMW are on ridiculously small plots of land. This park is away from airports, convention centers(PGA), fairgrounds, and city parks (SFMW). This park was beautiful, it broke my girlfriend's heart when I told her they might close it down, since we celebrated our third anniversary there. What a gorgeous park, easily the best looking in the whole US(being brand new and having one-of-a-kind trees didnt hurt.) The swan pedal-boats and the enormous car ride were great! Not to mention the only Morgan mine train coaster in the world.


I don't know how you can get any better than this, get Busch to buy them out, or keep the owner now. Anyways, get a terrain custom CCI woodie to fit into the trees and all, I think you would have a great coaster. If you built it long enough, it might be able to rival rides such as Beast. It's ashame to see this park gone, I hope they reopen and take my advice. A terrain woodie and S&S tower would get people in there enough to make money and then from there they could build as the profits come in! *** This post was edited by chris senn on 9/19/2001. ***
i think that if busch gardens buys it out, it should be like the next ioa or something.
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I do see one potential road block to a chain like Busch buying the park:  the roads!  Bonfante is not "right off the freeway" but rather an approx. 5 mile drive thru downtown Gilroy on 2-lane Hwy 152.  I'd hate to see a few thousand people trying to get to the park on that road.

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