Body cam footage released in search for man camping on Disney's former Discovery Island

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More than a dozen Orange County sheriff’s deputies swarmed a shuttered Walt Disney World theme park in April trying to locate a trespasser accused of camping on an island at the resort. Richard McGuire, 42, was arrested in April for allegedly camping at Disney’s former Discovery Island zoological park while the entire resort was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Read more and see the video from WKMG/Orlando.

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Every time someone gets some video from this place, I'm astounded at the way that nature has just taken back that island in two decades. I wish I could see more when I rent one of the little boats there.

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One thing I notice about Disney is they do have a tendency to just abandon things they no longer have a need for and then worry about it only when they need the land or space to build something new.

River Country, Body Wars/Wonders of Life, the second floor of the Imagination pavilion, the 90s AT&T videoconferencing show scenes for the final descent of Spaceship Earth (they’re still there behind those black curtains), the Sounds Dangerous theater at Hollywood Studios, the Discovery Island boats at Animal Kingdom, all those years the unfinished side of Pop Century sat idle, and now I’d assume Primeval Whirl will meet a similar fate.

Maybe it’s a move that makes sense, but it’s always been notable to me.

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Most of it is just out of reach to ever see though, which to me is why it's so fascinating. Everything in Imagination became so second-rate, though my kid loved the ride when he was younger because of the doors (it's an autism thing).

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Most of the time an area/attraction is just left untouched because its cheaper to do so. Nobody is gonna front the cost to tear down or clear something out and instead just wait for future expansion and roll the cost into that budget.

Out of all the places though, Discovery Island is the only one that literally was left as if they had planned to come back the next day to open up. At least other closed up attractions around property were stripped of items that could be used elsewhere. I've had the chance to visit the island for work and its creepy AF out there. It felt like we were in the 3rd Jurassic Park movie the whole time. It very much felt like a place where you didn't belong and the animals were watching you the whole time.


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Don’t forget about treasure island in the Bahamas. They walked away and left basically everything behind there as well.

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