Wednesday, November 1, 2000 3:19 PM
I'm just wondering, but how many bobsled coasters are there?

I know Blackpool, PKD, and Cp has one. *** This post was edited by coastergenius on 11/3/2000. ***
Wednesday, November 1, 2000 3:21 PM
And DisneyLand
Wednesday, November 1, 2000 4:50 PM
SFoT has La Vibora *** This post was edited by backseat on 11/2/2000. ***
Wednesday, November 1, 2000 5:06 PM
Disney does not have a bobslead. The Matterhorn has tracks, not a trough. The is one at Lake George in New York, it used to be at SFGA and SFT.

Where would we be without the rumor mill?
Wednesday, November 1, 2000 5:07 PM
Avalanche @ PKD ?
Wednesday, November 1, 2000 5:50 PM
I know of the Alpine Bobsled at Great Escape too.

When I first heard it I thought we were getting a thunderstorm. It was just the sleds roaring down the trough. That was after the sound proofing. I could only imangine it before.

2000 stats: 135 coasters in 26 parks
Not Too Shabby For A Summer

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Wednesday, November 1, 2000 8:14 PM
Oh yeah, Alpine Bobsled used to be Rolling Thunder at SFGAm and you could hear that thing roar from the other side of the park. Sounded like a tornado was coming in.

Thursday, November 2, 2000 12:21 AM
Theres Avalanche Run at Blackpool Pleasure Beach
and the Bobbahn at De Efteling in Holland. The latter doesnt have trains it uses single Bobsleds for six people. This was built in 84 but i dont know the manufacturer. But i think its Mack or Intamin.
Theres is one in Japan as well. Its built by Mack and the sleighs use a Mercedes Benz design. Its called the Bavarian Railroad and the themeing is like travelling through a bavarian village (yuk).
In 93 there used to be a model of a transportable version on the IAAPA, comissioned by german showman/coastertycoon Oscar Bruch. He planned building a travelling version for the fairgrounds, but this project was never realized. Probably due to financial calculations. Transport costs are probably hideous and the capacity isnt too high either.
Thursday, November 2, 2000 6:41 AM
Don't forget Disaster Transport at CP.
Thursday, November 2, 2000 11:50 AM
at lake placid there is a olympic bobsled run, although they dont call it a coaster, it is sweet.

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