Boardwalks, Piers & Caves 6/18/08 (Day 5)

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Today the plan was to zip down the shore and hit things as we pleased. We ended up making 4 stops before cutting it short.

- Jenkinson's Boardwalk was cool enough. I credit whored, but my daughter refused to.

- These places that do tickets for rides clean up. Those tickets can add up and when it takes 8 or 10 tickets to ride something, you can drop a lot of cash real fast.

- The general area around Jenkinson's occasionally smelled like ass when the wind shifted just the right way.

- Jenkinson's apparently ran their Moby Dick ride in super crazy extreme spine realignment mode. (note: based on looks, I didn't ride)

-Casino Pier is better than Funtown Pier, but neither was as good as I remembered them from our trip in 2002. I think the difference was the lack of people. The piers need a crowd to feel alive.

- The $15 wristband at Casino Pier was a good deal and allowed more credit whoring. The regular priced tickets at the gloomy Funtown Pier forced us back to Casino Pier to ride some more. The credit whoring ended there.

- Don't make a left turn in New Jersey...or pump your own gas.

- Blackbeard's Cave was scary. Not really sure what was going on, but we didn't ride a single thing. We nosed around, snapped some pics and got the hell out.

- We decided to cut it short and skip Fantasy Island and head straight to Atlantic City for an early night for a change. Although I'll forever wonder what a small park that opens at 6pm would've been like.

- What is it with paintball and New Jersey? Just for reference, the rest of the country doesn't enjoy it as much as you people seem to. Ditto with Bon Jovi.

I believe we'll be spending much of the day at Morey's tomorrow.

I also apologize for not responding to the replies to the other TR's. Sometimes I just don't have it in me. This week has mostly been one of those times.

You didn't miss anything at Fantasy Island. It's basically a bunch of overpriced kiddie rides ($2.25 - $3.75 each) and a few family flats with the Zamperla Dragon. The arcade is the best part of the complex. They have a huge variety of redemption games and good prizes.
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That's good to know.

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Somewhere I've got pics from my trip to Fantasy Island a couple years back (actually a stop-by during the family reunion). YoshiFan has it right...except he forgot to mention Tattoo and Mr. Rourke... ;)

Last weekend had to make two trips to Jenkinson's for the Flitzer (and Tornado) - first night got rained out. The maintenance guys getting it ready for day two were pretty friendly, as was the Manager who told me to hang tight while he collected enough ops to run the ride. Shame I forget his name, I said I'd give him a shout-out...LOL! Did manage to get my sister on the Rockin' Tug, though.

I can do without pumping my own gas...but I couldn't live with so much Springsteen and Bon Jovi (and paintball). And even though I don't care much for Nascar, I love left turns. Plusses for Jersey - Diners and birch beer. :)
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Oh come on, Bon Jovi still rocks to this day. ;) I was never a big Bruce fan. Paintball is awesome! It's great to shoot someone without actually....shooting them. :)

Everytime I go to NJ I forget about the "don't pump your own gas" thing. :) Diners are always the bomb. :)

Thanks for the TR, Gonch. I haven't been to the Jersey shore parks or AC in a LONG time. I am glad you guys are having fun!


Hell, I live in South Jersey (from PA originally which I think has an even greater fondness for paintball than NJ) and I hate Bon Jovi, paintball, and having some dude pump my gas for me. Remember South Jersey and North Jersey are practically seperate states...LOL

Btw, Gonch, I need to know why Blackbeard's Cave was so scary??? At least provide some details on your blog!!

Also, at least Jersey is small enough that you can get gas on your own in PA or NY.

I did a TR on that coaster last year. Brutally rough.

tigellinus said:
Btw, Gonch, I need to know why Blackbeard's Cave was so scary??? At least provide some details on your blog!!

Also, at least Jersey is small enough that you can get gas on your own in PA or NY.

I was wondering why the cave was scary, myself.

As far as the gas, I bitch about not being able to pump my own here in Jersey but it's a hell of a lot cheaper than PA and NY. I just paid $3.87 a gallon. Don't know the going rate in PA and NY but it's more than that.

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