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I made a trip Sunday down to Kemah to take a spin on the Boardwalk Bullet. I was earger to ride it since it had some rehab work completed on it over the winter. For it to be less than 1 year old, it is very rough and not in a good way. It has great airtime off the first drop and then speeds through the first half of the ride. Then it almost completely stops (on the hill where they had all the roll backs in the beginning). I kept saying to myself I think it can, I think it can. Then your off again, but w/ less enthusiasm and into the most lack luster finish of any wooden coaster that I have ever ridden. The trains are beautiful and the theming is very good. I want to love this coaster because it is 25 minutes from my house, but I just can't make myself love it no matter how hard I try. If you have ridden the Bullet, what kind of ride experience did you have??
Thanks for the great reports. You always do a great job in reporting for all of us. Keep up the good work

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Although you news is not good regarding Boardwalk Bullet, I get a very good idea of the ride based on your description. I personally appreciate your care, love and concern for the coaster at a enthusiast stand point. Its hard to accept failure when a coaster does not make the final cut in your own respect, and when the builders are trying to deliver new and exciting thrills. Disappointing news, but a good post to say the least.
Being a local and trying to be supportive I will be kind and not say too much. I can only say I was speechless when I got off the ride the first time. Speechless by choice because I wanted so badly to have good things to say about the ride.

It sure is pretty to look at. *** Edited 5/8/2008 12:58:02 PM UTC by Markieb***

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This thread is very odd.

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"Rollback hill" was quite the buzzkill, esp. considering the ride's heritage. The opening sequence matches up well against Hades/Voyage, and while I found the second half to be somewhat more enjoyable than Steve P. when I rode last year - it's still the weak sister of the GG coasters.

Here's hoping RF2 turns out more like their earlier projects...

Well if they'd graphite the track and not over lubricate the wheel bearings, The end would be as good as the beginning.

Got this info from a birdy in the design buisness of the coaster.

IMHO PTC's have gotten worse since the 70s in tracking, not better and I can't understand why, Articulation should help.

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I also found the ride lackluster (rode it this March). Great opening, but after the high turn on the ocean side, it just didn't seem to keep pace. It may have to do with the fact that when I rode, the trains were pretty close to empty, but it was still not all that impressive.

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