B&M Restraints and me fitting raptor again :-)


I wanted to post this thread here and get your guys input on it.. I recently went to Universal orlando in august of 2010. While there i was around the 330-340 mark. I was able to ride in the "big-boy" seats. I have since been working on loseing weight in anticipation for my next cedar point venture which is in TWO DAYS !! My question for you is what are the chances of getting onto raptor now.. I am hovering around 295. It has been hard work to lose weight i am just hoping that i can get on something that I have not ridden in a while.. My height is 6' 2''. I am pretty sure that MF and TTD are going to be a NO.. but that is okay to me... I want to at least get on raptor and mantis again.. those have been out of reach for quite a while. I am going to try the seat for MF and see if i can get the belt buckled but not worried if i can't.. should still be a great day :-)

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The seat belt on the test seat of MF is a joke in itself, also, you could get one seat belt to latch on one seat/train, then try another and it not even be close.

All you can do is try the test seat, or say screw it and wait in line and take a chance, if you have to take the "walk of shame", oh well, who honestly pays attention anyways. "Most of the time" the ride ops will fasten the belt for you if they see you struggling and you are close to getting it latched on any coaster.

Try Raptor first thing in the morning if you get in with the early entry crowd. Get it out of the way. It all depends on how you carry your weight, so its hard to predict if you will be able to ride.

Like you said, it should still be a great day, no matter what! Thats a great attitude to have going there, have a great time! Good Luck!

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well what gives me hope is that the big boy seats in universal were a go last year. I have lost about 50 pounds since then.. so it should definatley be a go.. Now with MF i am thinking i am probably not even close but i might just sit in the seat for kicks and giggles.

Only down side with CP is they don't have the big-boy seats like Universal & Busch Gardens. Raptor may be a possibility. But, I highly doubt Mantis. I cannot get the belt buckled on Mantis myself and always have to have ride-op do it for me. I am 5' 10' and weigh about 255.

Good luck!

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Tip for mantis:
Back when i could fit raptor and Mantis was tighter then all get out.. Sit all the way down and buckle. Then stand up.

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I remember i was having a tough time with the belt on Mantis and the ride op told me to squat down, i did that and it buckled with no problem.

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