Tuesday, July 24, 2001 9:50 AM
Test your B&M knowledge! Go to B&M News: http://*********************** and on the left navigation menu click B&M quiz. Afterwards, post your results.

Once you have taken the quiz, please join the forums. And if you have any good B&M trivia questions, please send them to me: jetman@coaster-mania.com, and I will post thme on the next quiz.


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Tuesday, July 24, 2001 9:51 AM
Link broken.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001 9:58 AM
jetman, take the comma out after the link, that's the problem.

Kerry - Bright Man of the Elite Eight
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 10:23 AM

Your score: 100/100

That was pretty easy. Neat quiz. For the next version, you could make it in flash and have sound effects and rollercoaster video clips and then market it as a stand-alone product!!1!!
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 10:27 AM

Can you make this harder? :) Good quiz though, just too easy for us die-hard coaster nuts...

Millennium Force: The Future's Riding On It
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 10:27 AM
I got 100/100!!

I agree, though, they should make this quiz a little harder... *** This post was edited by Benjih1043 on 7/24/2001. ***
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 11:06 AM
The lnik should be fixed now. I will try. It's hard to make it hard with multiple choice. If anyone has any really hard questions, please e-mail me them.

Tuesday, July 24, 2001 11:08 AM
those were the easiest questions ever.
hey look. my top 5 is all B&Ms. my 6th isnt though

1.Fire Dragon, 2.Ice Dragon, 3.Raptor, 4.Kraken, 5.Batman Knight Flight
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 11:49 AM
Your score: 100/100...Yay!

Ride op for FoF: "See ya!" Wooooosh!
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 12:00 PM
Not bad !!

Tuesday, July 24, 2001 12:10 PM
i got 80/100 , I thought raging Bull was their first hyper, And i thought Mantis was first interlocker.
www.woodencoaster.com SFMM, KBF Mod
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 12:11 PM
I got a 60/100. Not bad considering I don't know much :)
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 12:17 PM
I need to study!

Rollercoasters are the secret of life!

Tuesday, July 24, 2001 12:22 PM
I too also thought that raging bull was the first hyper coaster
Tuesday, July 24, 2001 12:25 PM
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