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Which place is best on a B&M Invert: front or back?

If it is the front, which B&M Inverts are your favorites?

If it is the back, which B&M Inverts are your favorites?

Does the front/back seat ride experience depend on the individual ride?

Cole Mingo

(AKA Barry Allen and Niles Crane amalgamated).

I'm partial to the front seat on inverts because the view is so obstructed in other rows. I also find the front seat the most pleasant experience on the snappier B&M elements- intense but still smooth. Favorites are Banshee at KI and Nemesis at AT, but I think all 6 I've ridden are great rides.

I've ridden Raptor, Fire Dragon & Ice Dragon (when they properly dueled), and Batman: The Ride at SFMM. Prefer the front seat on all, because as was said before, the view is so much better. Only one I've ridden in the back was Raptor and it was amazing how different it was, really intense with a quick SNAP through the elements.

But then again, what do I know?

I'll always consider the front row of a B&M invert as a favorite coaster experience overall. I ised to think there was no other way to ride, but I've learned to enjoy any seat on one (preferably an edge seat towards mid-front if not front). Of the many I've ridden, Alpengeist, Afterburn, Raptor and Dragon Challenge are my favorite, probably in that order if I had to order them..

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Here is an interesting fact (I think) about inverted coaster's layouts. The reason most of them have a curved first drop is so the view is as unobstructed as possible from the second row back. This can be seen as to why the rest of an inverted coaster's layout is designed the way it is as well.

I say"I think" because this is not really a fact that I know to be true. I just remember someone more knowledgeable than myself saying this on CoasterBuzz at one time. I find it very interesting.

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The newer train design on Banshee I think reduces the need to be in the front. It's not unobstructed, but it's significantly better than the old design.

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I've been on dozens of inverts and I prefer the back over the front; specifically the side that is on the outside going down a curved first drop. You get a really nice yank off the lift in that seat, which usually leads to an "oh shoot" moment all the way down. Then you get pulled hard through the rest of the elements, especially the in-line twists.

My favorite application of this is on Montu, which is easily the best inverted coaster I've been on.

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