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On B&M coasters, the Dive Loop and Immelmann are essentially the same element only taken in opposite directions. However, there are no inverts that contain Dive Loops and only 5 above-track coasters that have Immelmanns (and no Stand-ups). Does anyone know the reasoning for this?

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I'm guessing it may just be a matter of what the layouts called for, in other words, there could easily be a dive loop on an inverted coasters but there just hasn't been a design yet where it makes more practical sense than an Immelmann. But I do agree it's a bit strange we haven't seen one yet. The element is essentially the same as the first half of Montu's and Top Gun's batwing, so technically it kinda has been done before, just in combination with the second half which is more or less an Immelman.

As for stand-ups, there just aren't that many with dive loops, either. And the big three that do have them share a lot of layout similarities. *** Edited 7/2/2007 12:27:42 AM UTC by matt.***

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What are the 5? All I can think of off the top of my head is S:RoS Madrid, Daemon, and Wildfire.

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The newer Dive Machines have them as well.
I have always wondered more about the current pattern of inversions on most B&M loopers:

1. Loop
2. Some sort of immelman or dive loop, if not then a zero-g-roll
3. zero-g-roll
4. some kind of double element
5. flatspin, corkscrew, wingover..whatever tickles your fancy
6. another flatspin...or corkscrew...or wingover.

And after the double element and before the two last inversions a brake run.

A LOT of them have this pattern! Not that I mind, but it's kind of weird sometimes.

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