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As you well know, I'm going to carowinds in a few weeks. They've got Intimidator and it's pretty good (as i've heard). I want to know what you guys think is your favorite B&M hyper coaster is. This includes rides like intimidator and diamondback and raging bull, ect. (I expect that if you are a member of coasterbuzz, you know what a B&M hyper is)

I also would like to know why

My favorite is raging bull, but that may change due to riding intimitador. The Bull has a great first drop and the tunnel is very cool. It's first drop has the most heart stopping adrenaline out there in a first drop.

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You really like that first drop, huh?


This topic's gonna get banned soon, but I'll just say:

I have to say Nitro. It's the only B&M hyper I've been on. I may edit after I ride Apollo's Chariot.

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Really, why is it gonna get banned?

Probably, because it's another poll type thread that you keep starting and which keep getting closed. Read the read this first thread before you post new topics.

Only one has gotten closed. The other 2 have surved 4 months

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Just because they've survived, doesn't mean they're quality. I'm just saying...

One person said one of my topics made them feel good.

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The point is that poll threads are great for page views, but end up mostly being noise. Most people don't care what everyone else's favorite whatever is, and those who do, mostly think everyone else is wrong.

Resist starting a lot of new threads until you get a feel for the culture. Read the post guidelines under the about link. Gracias.

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Closed topic.

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