B&M flyers, now with larger person seats

Sunday, July 7, 2002 11:16 AM

Air has had 2 seats for larger people installed on the 3 trains recently.

looks like B&M have managed to develop a new seat for larger people, so maybe S:UF could get some soon and more parks will look at B&M flyers as a more viable option for future ride purchase.

Sunday, July 7, 2002 1:40 PM
So they just added 2 bigger seats some were?

Im the #1 Canobie Lake Park Fan!!!These are my top 3 coasters:
1. S:RoS @ SFNE 2. Yankee Cannonball 3. Cyclone

Sunday, July 7, 2002 2:09 PM
yep, thats correct
Sunday, July 7, 2002 2:11 PM
Mike - they have installed 2 Bigger Seats on each train, they can all be found on Row 4.
I'm glad Alton and B&M have decided to do this, Alton have actually had a lot of complaints from larger people saying that they cannot ride, and have left rather disapointed, so hopefully this will cut down on any complaints???

And Laurence is right, Prehaps SUF will receive some of these soon because I'm sure the same is happening at SFOG where larger people have come to ride, and find out they cant???????


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