Blue Streak (9/4/10). With a Small Dose of Ravine Flyer.

The wind was blowing, and the temperature was in the lower 60s, but me and my friends were determined to a) celebrate the Blue Streak and b) last Ravine Flyer II rides of the season.

Upon arrival at conneaut, we parked in the public boat launch a block away from the park for free, because I didn't trust my aging car tires in the grassy, muddy lot. The sound of roaring wooden coaster with every step closer to the park was exciting.

Of course CLP was dead due to the weather, but many loyal, older enthusiasts and general (history appreciating) public were lining up for of course the Blue Streak. Unfortunately, the light-up board was missing. Hopefully someone is delicately restoring it or even making a new one. The NAD train was looking sharp with headlights intact but not on, and the Vettel was sitting in plain view, but probably use a scrubbing. I cannot judge the mechanical status of it.

Now time for a ride. I sat in 4:2 and happened to see 4:1 has no seat bench. My guess is that parts are still scarce. The skunk tunnel now has skylights for the time being. It seems rotten sections were cut out for safety, and my guess is that the tunnel will be renovated with funds and some good offseason care. The airtime on the first drop and the following two is very deceiving as the train slows significantly but suddenly ejects you out of your seat. As for comfort, the trackwork is flawless with no jarring or harsh rough spots. However, the restored turnaround had a small amount of vibration, but nothing that would ruin the ride. The airtime on the return hills is minimal but fun none the less. Great Job CLP! The Streak is back and ready to finish a lot of unfinished business. Did I mention it poured on us the entire ride?!

Our next stop was back home to Waldameer which was desolate as well due to weather. In 1.5 hours we managed about 15 rides. Seven of which were dedicated to Ravine Flyer II which was showing its teeth at night. The less than half full train still rocketed through the course with no intention of slowing down. A front row seat was a perfect way to end the season.

Props go to Waldameer for not closing early with the crowds being as they were. Ride ops seemed bored and miserable (except RFII) just waiting for someone to take a ride. Conneaut was understaffed additionally with one operator for Scooters, Paratrooper, and Tilt-a-Whirl as well as various food stands and games unstaffed. My understanding is weather and cost cutting with CLP stating earlier this year that their business was slower compared to 2009.

Overall, the experience of the Blue Streak's revival with a mini-marathon on Ravine Flyer II could not be beat as a 2010 season finale despite the harsh weather.

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I'm thoroughly jealous of your RF2 marathon. :)

It's kinda funny that the new wood on the Blue Streak turnaround is the roughest part of the ride, but as you say, it's not even that bad. The rest was so smooth it didn't even occur to me to think about whether it was rough or not.

A ride op told me the light-up board was lost in one of the fires. :( He didn't know if there were plans to make a new one.

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birdhombre said:
A ride op told me the light-up board was lost in one of the fires. :(

I'm *really* disappointed to hear that... :(

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

At least the coaster itself is up and running.

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Gator, we asked about the board just for you! When he said it was lost I knew you'd be sad.


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Thanks, Vic.

Mike, don't mistake my disappointment over the lost piece for anything beyond what it is. I'm very happy for CLP and Blue Streak that the ride is running. But that board was really something special in that it really hearkened back to what some of us lovingly describe as "The First Golden Age". It was a serious nostlgia piece of a bygone era. Someone recently mentioned a "Mars light" on a thread here....and I couldn't help but smile wistfully. I am an unapologetic nostalgist. :)

You still have Zoidberg.... You ALL have Zoidberg! (V) (;,,;) (V)

Oh, no, no -- there was nothing castigating meant in that remark at all, gator. I was sort of thinking out loud when I posted that. "At least the coaster is running." That sort of thing. :)

I do agree that the board was fantastic. Those are definitely a rare legacy of the old days. I remember Erieview had a board outside its dark ride. It was so cool to be able to track which room the cars were in.

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Growing up we thought the board was the coolest thing ever. We got a kick out of the fact that they knew where the train was at all times.

(We were little. We thought the train left and came back. We didn't realize parks always like to know what's happening when the train is out on the track. :) )

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The West View Park "Dips" light board is still in existence today. :)

Sister coaster to the Blue Streak

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Oh, I didn't know Dips was BS's sister. That's pretty cool. My parents grew up with West View and Kennywood, and my dad is always talking about West View and its coasters.

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