Blue Man Group revises show, extends stay at Universal Orlando

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Universal Orlando and Blue Man Group poured upward of $5 million into new music, staging and high-resolution special effects for the 90-minute updated show, which premieres Feb. 24 but quietly reopened for final dress rehearsals this week. The investment signals a five-year extension of Blue Man Group's partnership with the theme park.

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Wow, I can't believe they're leaving the Venetian in Vegas, especially for Monte Carlo. Looks like I need to see the show again down in Orlando.

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They used to be elsewhere in Vegas before the Venetian, weren't they?


They were at Luxor before Venetian. My understanding is that popularity at the Venetian waned. They were doing the 2-1 local specials. They were available on all those "discount" ticket sites. A lot of Vegas shows had to go that route, but Blue man Group was doing it and STILL playing to half houses.

A change of venue and probably a smaller house is warranted.

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Well, to be fair, that's a big theater, and easily the biggest venue they play in outside of the arena and theatrical tours. Venetian's business is heavily tied to the conference business, which has been pretty soft the last few years. I'm sure they have no problem filling seats during CES, NAB or any of the big shows.

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There is also some issue with the way entertainment is booked at the Venetian. I'm not familiar with all the details but the very successful Jersey boys is also moving (Paris I believe).. There were comments made in the LRVJ with respect to advertising monies etc. Remember that the Venetian's business model is to lease out everything including the restaurants. This is not the same as a cooperative relationship like other casinos have with their headliners (Cirque, etc).

It could be that these shows found a Better mix of profits by moving.

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New album, what?

Here's a video highlight reel from the Orlando show (not the generic "Sizzle Reel" that is on lots of sites.)

New album, what?

Um, yeah!

We're going to hit this show late June this summer. Looking forward to it.

Blue Man is leaving the Venetian? Phantom is ending its run at the Venetian later this year as well. Interesting that two major shows at the Venetian would both end right about the same time.

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Wow, I figured Phantom would be there for a long haul, given the reported costs to rig the theater for that show. I suppose it couldn't be that bad, aside from the chandelier rigging.

It's a shame Venetian/Palazzo is losing two great shows, because I like that hotel. I've been to a number of conferences there, and liked staying there. Last year the conference I frequented moved to Mandalay Bay, which is not nearly as nice (and so far from everything else).

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I saw one of their shows on a TV concert a few years ago, and they look spectacular. I haven't managed to see them the last few times I've been to Orlando. I need to make that a priority if I ever get back to Universal.

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The Mole said:
Here's a video highlight reel from the Orlando show (not the generic "Sizzle Reel" that is on lots of sites.)

Looks the same material. My wife and I enjoyed the Orlando show so I convinced her to see it in Vegas. It was the same show which I didn't realize. Twice was enough.

My wife and I thought once was enough. Saw them in Cleveland when they came through a year or so ago. I did not know anything about them except for a couple of their songs which I like. I expected the whole show to be music. We really liked the music part of the show, great energy. But the comedy parts we could have done without.

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The Vegas and Orlando shows share some of the same elements (or at least, they did prior to the changes), but they're definitely not the same shows. I'd say they're probably about 40% different. The new finale is very different.

If you prefer the music and less of the bits, the arena show is definitely your thing, with a larger band and vocalists. I slightly prefer it myself. The "How To Be A Megastar" DVD is definitely worth checking out. Unfortunately, they're not currently touring, but given the success of those tours, I can't imagine they won't do it again eventually.

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I enjoyed both aspects of the show but after you see a bit once it's not as entertaining the second time even though they involve audience members.

Well, unless the second time you're the audience member up on stage. ;)

The one in Orlando was very similar to the Chicago show, although there were some differences. The biggest one I noted was the order of the introduction act and the missing grand piano bashing (which was sorely missed). Still enjoyed it just as much as the first time I saw it in Chicago, though being involved in the finale definitely helped (never knew I could fold up so small and fit my head in a jello mold).

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