Blue Diamond roller coaster being relocated to Daytona Beach

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Delaware's eye-catching 1,700-foot steel roller coaster, a defining feature of the sprawling former Blue Diamond Park near New Castle for the past several years, is being dismantled this week, packed up and hauled off to Florida. The amusement ride is expected to rise again by summer at the Daytona Beach Boardwalk at Daytona Lagoon.

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Yay - missed my one chance to get to the DE park, driving within 5 minutes on my way from family in MD to the Philly airport but running too late for a visit. Hooray for Florida! :)

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Daytona is right up the block from me and I didn't know there was an amusement park there. I'll have to go visit sometime.

They've had a collection of Carny Rides for a few years by the Main Street Pier. I told them they could use a Roller Coaster, looks like they took up my suggestion. :)

I would have rather had a Woodie, but I'll take this one, Beggers can't be choosers!

Now if they could do something about that decripit old Space Needle, which has been SBNO since the Hurricanes of '04 :(

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This was one of the first 5 roller coasters I ever rode. Came from Adventureland IL.Unknowingly rode again at DelGrosso's. May ride again in DB. Cool! This is a VERY PEPPY Zyklon!

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