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Well I was back from my Texas month long trip and me and my riding buddy for life decided to go a lot in the three weeks I will be in Louisiana before going and riding Shiekra and going to Florida.

So the first thing to do was go and get my season pass done. So when I was getting my pass done my friend rode Hot Shot which is an S&S Tower. After I got my pass done we rode Hot Shot.

Next we went to Ragin Cajun which is a Vekoma Boomerang. The big problem with this is the motor that runs car up the first lift went so slow and same with the other lift hill too. The next problem was when it was done we had to wait a whole minute before they could manually undo the seats. It was very smooth though and there wasnt any headbanging.

After that we headed to the new roller coaster Extrem a Maurer Sohne spinning coaster. We got in line and we were about to get on then it E-stopped at the top and they closed it down a few hours.

Off too the waterpark. Just an overview on rides.

Voodoo: Worlds largest Dark Slide. Waited an hour for it. Got stuck in it along with 4 other people and had to walk out of it.

Racers: Racing slides. Got two rides on it and got some great air time on the last hill.

Azuka: Worlds largest Tornado Slide. Got one ride before the waterpark closed.

Conja: Largest Incline Waterslide. 2 rides. First was a 15 minute wait and the next time was walk on.

Highwater: Triple body slide. Got 2 rides. Ride op awsome he let us jump down the slide but, the ride op got taken off the ride because he let the line go past a blue line we left a good word for him.

AwsomeTwosome: One big tube and a small tube. One ride not very fun, kind of boring.

The Plunge: Straight down slide. Got one ride and one Weggee.

Problems with the waterpark were that we got cut in front of twice and when we tried to get back in front of them they threw a fit even though everyone else saw them cut and front of us. Also they allow smoking every where in the park which is gross to me.

At 6 we went to eat dinner at Popeyes and went back to the park for some coaster rides.

First on the agenda was Extrem. It was so rough and a piece of the car was broken and I cut my leg. We told one of the ride ops and he said sorry and he wrote up a maintence report and apoligized again.

Now the craziest part of our trip was the ferris wheel had an electrical fire in one of the boxes. It sent smoke throughout the whole park.

Then we decided to ride Hot Shot again and then headed out.

We parked in the back parking lot so we were heading to the waterpark entrance which is special parking. So we were walking and we saw that the Galaxi had a one car wait so we decided why not? Best coaster at the park. A little rough but our ride in the back had so much air. Awsome.

We rode a Pirate ship ride and left.

I had fun, I think this park is on its way. I see some awsome things coming to the park and with an addition for the park and waterpark. A wooden coaster should put this place on the map and I suggest for anyone too go.

Ps. If you dont like the highlighted rides I am sorry. It helps me think.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

Great TR. It sounds like a fun place to visit if I'm ever down there.

Roller first true love.
Great tr. I was going to try to get out there sometime but I can't right now. What do you mean by incline slide?

John Moore

^I have no idea its what the site says.

Bolliger/Mabillard for President in '08 NOT Dinn/Summers

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