Blown away by SFNE!!! :>) 8/21 Long!

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So I finally managed to talk my girlfriend into going to Six Flags New England with me. Boy was it worth all the effort. Due to traffic and weather it took us 5 hours to get there. When we got there it was raining pretty hard. The parking guy noticed I had a SFGADV parking pass and let me in for free. The park was empty and the rain was coming down hard. We bought 2 SF Ponchos. $5 a pop. Oh well. We began our tour of the park.

First we hit the bumper cars. Lectured my first line jumper. It was fun and I enjoyed it more than the bumper cars itself. Bumper cars were nice. 8/10

Next we hit the Scrambler. Its umm a Scambler. 5/10

Next we headed over to Joker's Wild Card. I didn't know what this ride was. Once I found out it was a Huss Flat Spin I was like ummm. But once in side it was kind of fun. I like how they took a flat and made it into something else. A little more theming would be nice but it was still cool. Props to the ride op for a double ride 8/10.

We noticed Poison Ivy Mine Train was open. After a brief delay for maintenance we got on in the 12th row. Fun little ride and I like the landscaping. 7/10

I noticed Superman was doing test runs so I ran over there. They opened it. We got on in the middle cause we wanted to get a ride before they closed it again. Best of the 3 Superman coasters. 10/10.

We then headed over to Batman Knight Flight. Road the front row. This coaster has one of the nicest Q-lines at night with the lights. The ride itself was short and not as good as Dominator at GL or Medusa at SFGADV, but it was still fun. I love the paint scheme. 8/10.

Next we hit Mind Eraser. Ouch! 5/10

Rode Scream. At first I just thought it was going to launch us up. But I then realized that it did both. First launched and then dropped. I though this was really cool! I think all S&S towers should do this. 8/10.

Rode Thunderbolt next. I love the Sign for this ride. Very neat! Pretty rough but find a me a Woodie that isn't. 6/10

Cyclone was huge. I couldn't believe how big it was. Fun coaster, no wait and rode the front row. I enjoyed it a lot. 7/10.

Rode Flashback after this. I noticed it had a different train than most Boomerangs. OUCH they sucked! 2/10

I watched the Magic Show in the Rockville Gym. I though it was pretty good and entertaining. Some of the jokes were cheesy but it was really good entertainment. I recommend you all check it out. 8/10.

All and all I loved this park. I think this is one of the few theme Six Flags parks. Sure some of them have minor theming but this park had it all done very well. Rockville,DC Comics.Crack Axle Canyon. All done very nice. The park was super clean and the ride ops worked brilliantly. I loved how they had someone at the entrance to the station house blocking and then letting people in so the house didn't get so crowded. I think all parks should do that. I just liked the park a lot. I would definitely go back again. This is my new favorite Six Flags Park.







I recently went to SFNE and was just as amazed by the park as you were. The park was absolutely fantastic for a corporate park, especially a Six Flags one.

I can't believe you missed Houdini's Great Escape, that has to be one of the best attractions at the park (almost as good as SROS).

We have Houdini's here in NJ. I rode it at SFNE. It was the same. I'm not really a big fan of it. I guess cause I can't figure out how the damn thing works. HAHAH. I love the theming in the room you first come into though. Truely something else. What was really cool was we were in there all alone so I got to take pics of the room.


crashmando> i hope you're being sarcastic when u said that u cant figure out how houdini works.. if you want just let me know.
I think I know how it works. But I second guess myself. I'll explain here. And hopefully you can tell me if I am right or wrong.

Your seat moves from side to side. The walls with the mirrors move 360?


Houdini almost as good as Superman? Uh, okay. I found Houdini fun and worth going on maybe...once. Best attraction in the park? Not by a long shot for me.
yea you're right.
Joker's Wild Card is a Chance Wipeout, which is their version of a Trabant. Unfortunately, they don't run it backwards. I read somewhere that they've removed the huge Joker's head since my visit in July. I wonder why? By the way, where was the long trip report?
It was longer than most of my trip reports. As for the Joker's head was it on the ride? If so its gone. The only large Joker head is on the sign out front.


They probably had to remove the head for TerrorVisions or something.

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