Blast from the Past

I was on YouTube and I was looking around and found an old video of Drachen Fire and I was so suprised so here is the link

If anyone else finds a video of somethingl like this post it.

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Well due to the fact that SFMM's Viper and SFGAdv's Great American Scream Machine were all nearly identical, it's very hard to find footage of SFGAM's Shockwave but, anyone from the midwest may remember this commercial that's now near 20 years old.

Viper and Scream Machine may have similar heights and the same inversions in the same order, but they are NOT identical. Viper is a much more compact design, and IMHO a much better design. I think it's the best coaster at SFMM, whereas unless I'm taking someone with me that hasn't ridden it before, I won't touch Scream Machine. Scream Machine and Shockwave were nearly identical layouts, but Viper's the "ugly cousin" (who actually delivers a quality ride experience)

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I do believe I preceded the word identical with the word nearly.

Here's another old commercial for "Marriots" Great America

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