Blackpool Pleasure Beach park guide updated at Coaster Grotto

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The Blackpool Pleasure Beach park guide at Coaster Grotto has been updated to include new reviews and photos from the 2002 season. The update also features a new previous coasters section, and a special "retro" section including pictures from 1983.

Link: Coaster Grotto

eeek, this has been on my chest for a while but i just have to say it! that site is by far the UGLIEST site ive ever seen! i dont know if it was aimed that way (if it was, kudos, you did an awesome job) to be funny or just to be somewhat different (which i totally respect) but i just had to say it. not being whiny, or not trying to start nothing, just a personal opinion...
the background's perhaps not the most eye-pleasing. But their information, attention to detail, and especially their awesome ride reviews make it one of my favorite sites.

Thanks for making me want to visit BPB even more. =)

The site is meant to be different and eye catching which I think it achieves. Something designed that way is bound not to please everyone.

I'm so tired of looking at sites, whether coaster related or not and seeing exactly the same template pre-designed layouts.

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In my professional opinion (if that's even worth anything), I'd say that the content is what keeps me posting news items for the site, not to mention grant the Coasters' Choice Award nomination. I'm not a huge fan of the "look" either, but when the content is good I can overlook it and remember that not everyone is a graphic designer.

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i never said it wasnt a good site, its an excellent site, but its very ugly looking. but like i said, if it was aimed to be different (which it was) im all for it, but i was thinking Grant actually thought it was attractive, thats why i stood up to try and give a tiny reality check. thats all :)

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