Black Lines

As I watch the new demos, especially Thriller, I get these black lines across my screen. Anyone know whats up?
I have the same problem. It didn't happen on the other demo with Revolution. It is pretty annoying. Also, the colors get mixed up. On Montu, the supports always change colors, they can go from tan to blue or grey. How can I make the colors more stable?
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Try hitting F3-F8.  They take some of the detail away, and allow the sim to run faster.  Also, before you ride the rides, lower the resolution.  If your CPU is slow, even moderately slow, it will have glitches (because this is a very graphic-heavy game...) It helped my speed out and stopped the lines.
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If you have an ATI card this could be the cause of your problems as ATI has problems a lot.  Definately make sure you drivers are updated.


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